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I am quitting for what could be the 100th time. First full day today. I have been smoking for 12 years and I am almost 28. My goal is to 100% say I have quit by my 30th birthday. Does anyone have any tips? I am using patches and have gum if I struggle even though I hate the taste of it. I am planning on using this blog a lot as well. I also have a list of shallow inventives to reward myself with the money I will save eg: New lipstick at 3 months, book at trip at six months etc etc. Thanks for reading :) :)

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    Blondene said:
    13 November 2019

    Hi MsG...as hard as quitting can be it IS worth it and you CAN break free...best advice is to 100 percent commit to the mantra NOPE...Not One Puff EVER...once you have smoked your last smoke make the promise to yourself that it was indeed your last smoke and you will NEVER take another puff...the next is to navigate thru your first day...use the 4Ds...Delay...Distract...Deep breathe or Drink sip some water slowly...I found distraction a great tool to use and I will still refer back to that tip if needed...busying yourself into chores or hobbies in the first few days...it could be anything from cooking to cleaning just to keep your mind distracted from the smokes...and lastly take it One day at a time...focus on not smoking from the time you wake up to when you go to bed...no matter what...it will get easier the more days you put in and time is a great healer...also blog blog blog if you need help and support...I hope this helps and I will be here to support...you absolutely can break free and don't stop trying until you are 💪😊All the best!

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    Quitline Admin said:
    13 November 2019

    Welcome to the blogs MsG.

    Having those incentives for your milestones is a great idea and having the goal to be quit by your 30th will be life changing.

    If there is a particular time, mood or situation where you smoke think of alternatives that you can incorporate into your routine, it does take time to build up new habits but it will be worth it.
    Keep a list of reasons why you are quitting and your incentives where you can see them (maybe written out on a list stuck to your fridge, maybe in a notes app on your phone)

    If you need extra support check out the blogs, there are a lot of people in all stages of their quit journey that you can read about and have advice for you. You can also contact Quitline through phone, text or email. There are also Quit Coaches all over New Zealand for face to face support - you can self-refer or be referred by Quitline or health professionals.