Three days without smokes I haven't been angry today or grumpy which is a improvement I haven't craved as much I hope I can quit for good

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    Blondene said:
    05 November 2019

    Way to go can quit for good take the hope out of that sentence...the only thing you have to do is exactly the same as the last 3 days...Don't take another puff and your quit will remain intact...keep going...stay are doing amazing!

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    Ady said:
    05 November 2019

    Heya Raedawg
    Just like Blondene said...
    Don't hope you can quit for good, State that you Have quit for good.
    What you say is what goes, thats it.
    Be the BOSS, Be the controller, demand to succeed,
    keep up that good work you've just done for 3 days and you will get thru this.
    Be Strong.