Three days without smokes. Craving are a little bit better today using patches and gum. Hopefully I can make this time.

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Chewing gum

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    Blondene said:
    05 November 2019

    You CAN and you WILL...congrats Bubbles doing amazeballs!😊💪

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    Ady said:
    05 November 2019

    Hi Bubbles
    When you put your foot down hard and say to yourself... This is how its gonna be, this is whats gonna happen, Im the Boss and I will do as I say.
    Thats when you've won.
    Don't look at the smokes hoping you can quit, look at yourself and say... who have I been kidding all these years, Well I'm not having that anymore, its time for the REAL ME to take control.
    Sip on water as required in the 4 D's
    Be strong and good luck