8 days cigarette free after 2yrs of mental preparation 😞 killing a 24yr habit is a struggle...

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    Nana22 said:
    19 May 2019

    Great work It's Happening!
    Yep it can be a huge struggle, but i promise you it will all be worth it.
    You've done the right thing by blogging. We are all in this together for the long haul.
    I smoked a pack a day for 45 years and also found i struggled.
    What helped me through was this site, 4D's, and remembering to just focus on what was directly in front of me. I took many walks when the going was tough, and it really helped. Sometimes an long one, sometimes just around the house a few times. Also great for lifting the mood.
    You've made an excellent start It's happening. I hope you had a wee treat for your first smokefree week! Even if you did.....have another for 8 days! The rewards ARE important to get the feel good chemicals in our brains working properly without the nicotine.
    Stay strong, be fierce in your determination and you can't lose.
    And keep letting us know how you're going. There is no limit to how many times you can post each day.
    Plus by posting, you've probably helped someone else out who is out there reading.

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    thebasile said:
    19 May 2019

    Hello It's happening - and congrats on your 8 days!
    Couple of suggestions I addition to comments from the fantastic blggers who have gone before - as Nana22 says it truly is 'all for one and one for all! '
    I (sort of) have taught myself a wee bit of touch typing - keeps the fingers busy and happy let you have details on a couple of websites ...
    Also (many moons ago) I studied piano to an advanced level and although will never reach the standard I once achieved, find great satisfaction in re-learning some simple pieces and brushing up on long lost technique ....
    Again keeps fingers busy ...
    Great work and KIA KAHA xx

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    PSPSP said:
    19 May 2019

    Good on you It's happening. It is happening.

    Great advice from Nana22 and thebasile. Not much I can add except to say-go you!

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    Eddy5 said:
    19 May 2019

    Over a week - you are past the worst mate. Keep up the good work. Just take one day at a time and never have another puff of nicotine and you will be sweet!!

    This will probably be my last post. You experienced guys are really helping the new quitters. I think that is awesome. Good on you guys.

    I’m on 77 days. If you don’t hear from me again then you will know that I never smoked again.

    Best wishes,


    P.s thanks for all your help and kind words. You know who you are.

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    Quitline Admin said:
    20 May 2019

    Congrats on 8 days smokefree! Being mentally prepared to quit can have a great impact on your quitting! Remember we're here 24/7 if needed :)

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    Nana22 said:
    21 May 2019

    How are you going It's happening? Would love an update.
    Thinking of you.