Smokefree days: 2,500
Total savings: $57,250

62,500 smokes not smoked (or rather 125,000 because PSPSP and I smoked together). I worked out that at today’s prices, we’d be spending about $460 a week to feed our addiction. Wowsers, people are expected to live on less than that! Honestly, I don’t miss smoking one little bit. With the weather getting all cold and nasty, it’s nice to be able to stay inside where it’s all toasty and warm. If you’re just starting out, let me reassure you, it does get easier. You get to a point where you don’t even think about smoking anymore. Hi to all the long-time quitters too - it’s been great to see you all jump back on here to give support to those who are starting their smoke-free lives.

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    Maori Gurl 536 said:
    12 May 2019

    Tumeke PG & PSPSP still haati az.
    Good to see your fullahs long az stats.
    Ae had to jump back on to guide my niece to all you lovely people.
    And cos I was too lazy to write out everything and just told her
    to read my blogs from the beginning lol ...much easier.
    Will try to visit more often now that I been directing whanau and friends
    to the Quitline blogs.
    Nga mihi kōrua

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    Pop's said:
    12 May 2019

    Thank you for Blogging.

    I will always be thankful to you & PSPSP for all the encouragement & support you gave me over the last few Years. I have been trailing both of you by 113 days for what seems to be forever. Again, thank you.

    This will be my last appearance on this Forum. I feel as if I have lost my way & have nothing left to contribute.

    Keep well everyone, remember, not smoking will help.

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    Nana22 said:
    13 May 2019

    Great blog and absolutely epic stats PG, for you and PSPSP.
    Cripes do your eyes water when you actually work out how much it would cost now to smoke? I know mine do.....and at how many more fags we'd have subjected our poor old lungs to.
    Both of you have been a wonderful inspiration on here - and to me personally. It is so good to see you back. Thank you.
    Love xoxo

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    PSPSP said:
    13 May 2019

    Great stats-not at all biased here. Having someone by your side, as PG was and still is with me, makes it so much easier. Having the quitline bloggers on the other side, makes it easier still.

    Keep blogging people. It does help.

    Pop's is it au revoir or goodbye? Make it the former not the latter.

    Last but not least-thanks PG

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    PSPSP said:
    13 May 2019

    Great stats PG. And no bias exhibited by me! Having someone by your side, as PG was and continues to be, makes the process of quitting so much easier. Having the quitline bloggers on the other side makes it even easier.

    Pop's-is it au revoir or goodbye? Make it the former not the latter.

    Last but not least-thanks PG. Thanks from me and what you bring to this site.

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    Yorkshire Lass said:
    13 May 2019

    Wow Pokuru Girl I am truly in awe of these stats. Like Pops, I am also so grateful for all yours and PSPSP's support and advice over the years. You are both such a credit to this site, and a massive inspiration to all who embark on this rollercoaster journey.

    Pops, you too are such a valuable member of this site. It won't be the same without you popping in to share your wisdom. I really hope you will reconsider.

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    Hollie said:
    13 May 2019

    Wonderful congratulations to you both and thanks for inspiration and encouragement to me nearly six and half years ago.

    POPS don't you even think of letting the Otago side down

    Celebrate PG and PSPSP you so have earned it.

    Bev 😄

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    clarence the cat said:
    13 May 2019

    Love your stats PSPSP and PG.
    I am also thrilled to see you are back with your invaluable support.
    Keep up the good work.