Smokefree days: 200
Total savings: $2,859

Wow!!! I am so stoked to be at 200 day! Which ultimately means I’m closer to a year of not smoking than day 1 which is such a milestone.

To anyone just starting I have had so many failed attempts around the 100 day mark. But, the real trick to quitting I believe is never giving up on giving up. No matter how many times you slip up and fail. Try as quickly as you can to jump back on the quit train.

I did the NRT and face to face guidance this time. And I followed the program to the dam letter! Which I have never done in the past I would always do a month or 6 weeks and think I’ve got this now. Then relapse. Doing the whole program worked a charm. I have no desire to smoke can do all the things I used to like drink, go out and party, NYE a fight, you name it and I don’t think I want a smoke to get through this moment. My friends who smoke seem trapped I feel sorry for them and it’s so expensive. Going to Bali in May and the whole 9 day trip including accomodation and spending money is cheaper than 200 days of smoking !! So travel is now achievable and doesn’t break the bank.

Also, never realised how much the stuff stinks! Wow!

So anyway as always I’ll check back for 300 days then my first ever!!! BREATHDAY! Imaging that a year free wow that’s worh it all! So excited bring it on.

Have a great day all!

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    nanaturtle said:
    17 March 2019

    Great work 👍
    The World is Open to us now! So exciting... Congratulations on Your second Hundy 🍻

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    Anon said:
    19 March 2019

    Congratulations! A huge achievement to be celebrating 🥳 Enjoy your overseas trip in May!