Smokefree Days : 1,826
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 36,520
Total Savings : $33,963

When i started out on this smokefree journey, i had no idea how i would get through the first day, so to be here today is a dream come true for me.
Back then every day felt like it was a week, every week felt like a month, and every month felt like a year. And then it all changed and i was so proud and happy that i was back in control of my life.
Every struggle seemed insurmountable back then - but now looking back, it was merely a blimp compared to this wonderful freedom i have now.

I will always be so grateful to Quitline and the people on this site who never left me hanging when i needed support.

I absolutely love being smokefree. Being able to be fully present in whatever is happening, rather than always working out how and when i could sneak off somewhere to get my nicotine fix.

I am still buzzed every day to be an addict making the decision to not use.

To those in the early days of your quit......never give up on quitting. Do whatever you need to do. Just don't smoke.
Use this site for support and to celebrate your smokefree days. That is what it's here for. And if you slip up along the way......don't let it be the end of your quit. Brush yourself off and carry on. Often it's not a smooth journey - but it is absolutely one worth persevering with.

Have a great day every one and remember:
We are all fabulous and strong.
Stay Quitsafe
Love to all

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    BrianW said:
    21 July 2019

    5 years , 8 days apart. We supported each other to the same goal . It was amazing journey , wasn't it? . Congrats , Nana

  • avatar-icon
    Blondene said:
    21 July 2019

    A big 5 years congratulations to you...inspiring Nana you show everyone that becoming and more importantly remaining smokefree is possible...I wish you the very best Nana you are amazing!!!😊😍😘

  • avatar-icon
    AXL said:
    22 July 2019

    Hi Nana22. Long time no see. I had to login today as I knew it was your 5 years. Congratulations on this amazing milestone!
    I can remember in those early days it was a struggle for me to stay strong to beat the addiction but you, and others have given me the strength to succeed. You are ( and always will be) my "Rock", especially in the days of my lowest times. I'll always be eternally grateful for that😘

  • avatar-icon
    Hollie said:
    22 July 2019

    Nana22. How exciting and tremendous for you to have reached 5 years. I have followed your journey since day one and I know just how much this means to you.

    I hope you are enjoying a well deserved treat this evening.

    I absolutely agree that the freedom from non smoking is so worth those difficult earl days. You have inspired many on this site with your encouragement and words of wisdom.

    Well done, enjoy your evening and take care. Bev xx

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    PokuruGirl said:
    22 July 2019

    I have tried twice to comment only to be told there’s something wrong and my lost doesn’t show. Anyway, congratulations Nana22 on your wonderful stats and attitude to match. Five lovely years of freedom. Bliss.

  • avatar-icon
    PSPSP said:
    22 July 2019

    Wow Nana22. What can I say? lets start with congratulations for a wonderful 5 years.

    It also needs to be said that you are a fantastic supporter of everyone on this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Like you, for us the buzz of being smokefree never fades. It is THE place to be.

    Thank you again and have a great day

  • avatar-icon
    nanaturtle said:
    22 July 2019

    Dearest dear Nana22, today this site FINALLY let me in again! And what's the first thing I see??
    Today We celebrate with You, this wonderful achievement-Congratulations doesn't seem quite enough, Your journey has been fraught...and still, You managed to support.
    You are Amazing & Loved & Valued,
    May there be another 5 year milestone for You, & us to be here for this one, too
    Love You Nana22 😘🌺💕
    Fabulous & Strong Wahine xxoo

  • avatar-icon
    Murphy5000 said:
    22 July 2019

    Oh boy am I glad a checked in tonight just back from my yummy holiday in Vanuatu
    Congratulations Nana22 one inspiring woman all I can say is 💕💕💕
    Awesome stats x

  • avatar-icon
    clarence the cat said:
    23 July 2019

    Congratulations Nana22. 5 years is something to be super proud of. I have watched you all the way. You've supported and encouraged so many as you got on with your quit.
    Well done Nana22. Hope you'll still be SMOKEFREE and a strong supporter for many years to come.

  • avatar-icon
    Bluetui said:
    23 July 2019

    Awesome. Wonderful stats. 5 years go you.

  • avatar-icon
    nanaturtle said:
    10 August 2019

    Hi Nana, like You, I'm not here quite so often anymore...
    Just wanted to Thank You, for Your support when my world was crashing. This has been a great place to cushion oneself, when the real world 'wasn't getting it!' I'm so pleased, You found Your Sticky & I sincerely hope Your health problems are behind You. Kia Kaha Nana22...your Love 🤗 will always be with Me xo 💕

  • avatar-icon
    Walsoken said:
    21 August 2019

    Thanks for your support especially today.

  • avatar-icon
    Arria said:
    24 August 2019

    Five years, one month and two days - I am slightly late wishing you congratulations Nana22!!!! Sorry I missed your actual fifth breath-day. Hope you got to celebrate in a special way :) You have been inspirational and so much support for everyone on these blogs, stay strong, take care x

  • avatar-icon
    fagoff said:
    10 September 2019

    Big (late ) congratulations to you, a tremendous achievement. And many thanks for supporting me along the way. I hope life is treating you well these days.

  • avatar-icon
    smokefreemep said:
    26 November 2019

    The latest congratulations ever* I love you nana22 I'm so happy for you, your an amazing woman. Beautiful. My thoughts are with you xx

  • avatar-icon
    nanaturtle said:
    12 December 2019

    Thinking of You 😘😘