Not many posts the past few days and i'm wondering if it's because of the 'An error occured during submission. Please try again later' message.

If you get this message it may be because of an inappropriate word. (Also called profanity)
Sometimes it doesn't give the 'profanity' message. Just says try again later.

If you're having a problem with this, go through your post with a fine tooth comb and change anything that could even remotely be taken as an offensive word.
I've had this happen a bit (even though the word was so mild), and by changing one word, the post goes through no problem.

The censorship is waaaay too sensitive at the moment. And inconsistent.Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

Worth a try anyway. Have a great day all.

We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe,
Love & hugs

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    Quitline Admin said:
    10 July 2019

    Thanks for the heads up Nana22. We apologies for the issues caused and I have been letting the IT team know when I hear of these problems popping up.

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    clarence the cat said:
    10 July 2019

    My PC had a hiccup, so I haven't been on the blogs for almost a week Nana22.
    I read your post with interest. It is so hard to know what to say these days for fear of affending someone. I take your point. Lets hope we get some guidelines soon.

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    Blondene said:
    10 July 2019

    I abbreviated the word grumpy and that stopped my blog from going thru...I've noticed the blogs come and go some days are busier on here then others...hope everyone's going well today 😊

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    PSPSP said:
    10 July 2019

    Nana22 I am with you-disappointing that Quitline has adopted such an unnecessary censorious attitude. We shouldn't have to go through our blogs with a fine tooth comb for fear of offending someone with an inoffensive word.

    These blogs are there to reflect us. Sigh....

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    nanaturtle said:
    10 October 2019

    Boo You!! Hope You& Yours are All Good 😘🎶🌹