Smokefree Days : 1808
Cigarettes NOT Smoked : 36,160
Total Savings : $33,628

It's a horrible rainy day today. Days like this always make me grateful for being smokefree.
No more do i have to get into wet weather gear and try to find a sheltered spot, scrunched up against the wall to have my fix of nicotine.
Often the rain would be accompanied by the wind, but still i would persevere with trying to light up the blasted smoke. Many times that would involve burns from the flame of the lighter being blown around, and sometimes a smoke ruined by the rain - but i was determined to get my nicotine no matter what.

I am so, so pleased to not have the need to do that anymore. It is such a wonderful freedom.
One that we can all achieve.

Enough blathering from me. I'm off to make a big pot of soup. That's what i choose to do on this rainy day.

Go hard everyone, and remember:
We are all fabulous and strong,
Stay Quitsafe.
Love to all.

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    PSPSP said:
    03 July 2019

    Good feeling eh Nana22. Stay dry and warm inside. Soon to be full of soup.

    PG made a huge pot of vege soup which she freezes and its a great winter addition to the diet.

    Enjoy your rainy day

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    smokefreemep said:
    03 July 2019

    Oh nana. A big pot of soup sounds beautiful. Way better than wind and rain, burns and ruined smokes lol, I remember doing exactly that haha, so crazy but was so normal as a smoker. The soup sounds like the best option to me, my fav is bacon hock or pumpkin, mmm yummmm

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    Blondene said:
    04 July 2019

    ..I'm grateful too not to be outside in the rain smoking yuck...I am going to get son later but can't wait to be relaxing with the family inside where it's warm XX inspiring as always Nana 💋enjoy your soup!

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    nanaturtle said:
    04 July 2019

    We have a new part time staff member-whom smokes. It's become comfortable having a Smokefree workplace, now, the occasion waft permeates the Fresh air. Uuugh...honestly, it stinks. However, I'm no hypocrite, so I've shown her the ONLY spot, on our back porch, where she can stand, rigid, and remain dry. Our boss made every one fully aware, of the EX Smoker, in the house!
    A. I don't like being singled out &
    B. It wasn't fair to single Her out, either.
    So, I stayed behind this evening, to banter (&share product knowledge) to let her know, I welcome her. She's not a Kiwi native, but I know already, She's settling in. That's nice 🤗
    If She wants to know, I will share our wonderful Quit family, with her-heck, it's taken me all the effort to not go Blah, blah, blah...about us, already!!
    Back to the soup...hehe
    My fav? Right now, Broccoli has become the SuperFood! Lunch stats-pre food, 6.1-little low, but way better than this time last week@16.1! Boy-do I feel Good, U betcha 👍
    Love U Nana-hope the soup is all You expect& more 😘😘

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    Ponytail said:
    04 July 2019

    ditto Nana22, you described it exactly as it was...I used to do exactly the same thing!
    One of the big things I love about being smokefree is how nice I smell - my hair, my clothes, my fingers, my face....
    no more stinkiness!!!

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    Quitline Admin said:
    04 July 2019

    Those are some very high numbers nana22!
    Hope the weather improves a bit where you are. Being smokefree meaning not having to go out in the rain for a smoke was something I talked about with a friend recently.
    Cooking a nice pot of soup sounds like the best plan for a rainy day.

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    PokuruGirl said:
    05 July 2019

    Way to go Nanaturtle. PSPSP and I absolutely love winter and part of that is my very own vege soup. I used to hand grate, cut everything up myself but I got a little blitzer which does it all for me and it halves the prep time, plus I don’t have to cry over the onions.

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    sez123 said:
    05 July 2019

    Omg, I so remember these days of perseverance lol.