My first 7 days on the smokefree waka were spent in the hospital. I was too sick to have any cravings in there. But I knew as soon as I got home, back in my (smoking environment) things would get hard. So I prepared myself for that moment. I thought up counter scenario's to all those habitual times I would smoke. eg after a kai, while having a coffee, driving in my car, around other smokers and while socializing. The blogs kept me sane during my 2nd week. I was feeling like so many others and the long timers (experienced ones) in here, help guide me through the rough patches.
Each day, each week , each month I celebrated my smoke freedom.
And I'm 13 days away from celebrating my first smokefree year. First BREATHDAY as it's known around here.
Kia kaha to those on this journey
If you have a hiccup don't despair....just jump back on the waka.
Positive vibes to all ((((💗))))

Better Living 💗

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    Blondene said:
    01 February 2019

    yAy!🌄Your first breathe day coming up!!..You've worked hard and achieved your goal to become smokefree and set the way for others to should be so proud Maori gurl...I hope you and family are well and mum is doing good...take care and we will see you again to celebrate!

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    Yorkshire Lass said:
    01 February 2019

    Wow that is awesome Maori Gurl. I hope you have a awesome treat planned to celebrate your 1st year smoke-free. Such an awesome milestone.

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    clarence the cat said:
    01 February 2019

    You're amazing Maori Gurl.
    Hope you're planning a celebration for your first breathday. Well done.