Off I went to an appointment this morning with a client who I would always sit and have a coffee and a couple of smokes with. I had mentally prepped myself for this. Had a coffee while he had 2 smokes. I was expecting to either really like the smell and suffer cravings, or hate the smell and feel nauseated by it. I was totally indifferent to the smell, neither liking or hating it. As I left his farm I noticed another farmer who I had planned to visit later in the month, chopping wood on my clients farm, so I stopped to have a chat with him. Well he smoked 4 ciggies in half an hour, and when I left I had a dull headache for the rest of the day, and not sure if I had ingested some of the nicotine/toxins, even though we were outside, as I have had a couple of `tetchy` moments where I was doubting myself, and that sneaky monster whispering that maybe now is not the right time for me to quit!!!! The battle is won. I am absolutely not listening to such rubbish....Been there, done that too many times...And while I will put my hand up and say I`ve been a slow learner where beating this addiction is concerned, I am not a fool. Heard and acted on all this monster`s lies in the past, and every single time have regretted it. Well no more regrets for me. So my `quit` is perfectly safe. One thing I have learned with my experience in beating this addiction is that when I have had a day where this monster has tried to tempt me and failed, it generally then leaves me alone for a couple of days. So as I go into the weekend I am quite relaxed and confident that I shall have peace restored while said monster is hiding away licking his wounds...for now at least.
Have a fabulous smoke-free weekend everyone.

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    Blondene said:
    11 January 2019

    Have a great weekend Yorkshire Lass!! Totally nailing your quit...keep on your toes with the beast...but feels great when we defeat it!!..Fantastic super proud!😊

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    AXL said:
    12 January 2019

    I remember you Yorkshire Lass! It's great that you're giving quitting another go. Believe in yourself and you will succeed. All the best😃