Smokefree days: 2,557
Total savings: $35,716
46,026 cigarettes not smoked:
by today's prices, that's around
$50,000 WoW!!!

Good morning Quit family 🌞
Another beautiful Smokefree day
Another blessing...
My heart beats with Joy today, 1week from today, Hubby&I celebrate/acknowledge our 40 years, it's kinda calming to know 'somebody' has known You longer than not. But, the Scorpio in me, still lets me surprise him, occasionally BIG time!!
As an acknowledgement to Our 40th, I've managed to acquire tickets to UB40. However, couriered to home, he signed&Yup, You guessed it-He sussed out what they were, by the postal address on the envelope 😢Grrr..
Not to be jaded-already had tickets to Mr Phil Collins, sent off for the matching TShirt & snapped him up on Christmas day!!!! Haha-best surprise ever!!
So, this is how to spend ridiculous amounts of money-ex smoking money.
4th Feb, We're off on a week roadie-possibly the last for a while, as my next big plans will take Us to New York for New Years-childhood dream, couldn't come true if We were still sucking on the stink sticks.
Shout out to Kathry-Congratulations🥂
One last time-
'nicodemon, go Smoke Yourself!!'
Stick at it Team, support each other& be kind to Yourself
Stay Strong 🙂

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  • avatar-icon
    Blondene said:
    11 January 2019

    Hi lovely Nana💗...yahoooo! are so inspiring 7+ years and still going so strong!!'re going to be having a great time with your concerts what fun and to suprise hubby just awesome🥂🍻🍾Congratulations on 40 years 💖 celebrate in style all the way!!!! Enjoy your roadie...New York sounds amazing!!..lots of love as always B xxoo

  • avatar-icon
    cjtwo said:
    11 January 2019

    Woohoo you go girl you have always been inspirational! 🍾🥂

  • avatar-icon
    AXL said:
    12 January 2019

    Hey there nanaturtle. You're an inspiration to all of us. You are a legend on this site. Enjoy the concerts. I've seen UB40 before and there is a reason why they claim to be the loudest reggae band in the world. Just a warning....😃

  • avatar-icon
    trish said:
    12 January 2019

    congrats nana you are awesome like your style UB40 best song ever red red wine you sound like you are making ever day count New York aye?wow you are really going for it.yeah we have all wasted so much money on the ciggies,and now we are free to do whatever we want to do...

  • avatar-icon
    Lei said:
    12 January 2019

    Awesome and inspiring! Enjoy all that you are able to do by being free of stinky nicodemon!

  • avatar-icon
    Yorkshire Lass said:
    12 January 2019

    Wow, wow, wow......NanaTurtle this is a fabulous post. Well done...And some!!!!
    So inspirational. Have a fabulous weekend. :)

  • avatar-icon
    Kiwikid said:
    12 January 2019

    Awesome Nanaturtle

  • avatar-icon
    Kevz1 said:
    13 January 2019

    Well done Nana, 4 years and 40 years, you are exceptional and an inspiration to many. May you enjoy your hubby and your concerts for years to come.

  • avatar-icon
    Kathry said:
    13 January 2019

    Hi nanaturtle - thanks for the shout out - 8 years and 7 years between us 😃
    Enjoy the concerts - well earned

  • avatar-icon
    Murphy5000 said:
    15 January 2019

    Grand job NT and amazing stats on all fronts 👏👏👏
    Might see you at Phil Colin’s 😊
    It’ll be a NOPE from me 👍
    Congrats lovely lady xx

  • avatar-icon
    sez123 said:
    18 January 2019

    Truly amazing nana t so proud of you 😘

  • avatar-icon
    clarence the cat said:
    23 January 2019

    Hi Nanaturtle. Hearty Congratulations.
    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.
    I love the way you support everyone here.
    Happy 40th anniversary.
    Lucky you going to see UB40

  • avatar-icon
    Bub44 said:
    04 February 2019

    Yay yes 4 years smokefree thankyou for your warmth love and kindness enjoy your time away and always love the first bite into a custard square..takecare beautiful