Smokefree days: 3,287
Total savings: $46,018

9 years ago today I kicked the Nicodemon out of my life.
He still hovers around occasionally but I'm certain he will never be part of me again.
I was wedded to cigarettes. I would go absolutely NOWHERE without them (yes even to the toilet) My family new that if my smokes and matches were in sight I would not be far away.
What a journey. I used to feel as if I was attempting the impossible. I envied all the bloggers who could say they were SMOKEFREE for a month, (at first even a fortnight) but it happened for me too.
I remember the adrenaline rush when I suddenly realised that I had gotten through an entire day without thinking of my cigarettes. That moment was sheer bliss.
If you're just starting out, don't give up at your first setback. Mark the occasion as a learning experience and press on.
Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE day everyone and no matter what stage of the journey you're on, it really does get easier as time goes by.

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    Blondene said:
    31 August 2019

    I loved reading this Clarence...I admire and respect how fantastic...9 years is just amazing...I too hope to reach these are inspirational...I too can remember smoking in the bath...shudders they did used to go everywhere with us...congrats again Clarence just amazing!😊🤗

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    Miles Parker said:
    31 August 2019

    It’s been six weeks since I quit and this is very inspirational to read :) thank you so much for sharing

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    Nana22 said:
    01 September 2019

    Oh my goodness - i hardly know where to start or what to say to this Clarence.

    A massive congratulations on your epic 9 years smokefree.

    I am in awe of you and your achievement. Have been for a very long time.
    I don't know if you know how in my early days i would read, and re-read your words of encouragement and renew my determination to be like you. And i'm not talking just about quitting either. You were there for me through health challenges as well - and i know you've had your own.

    I appreciated you then, and i appreciate you now.
    You add so much value to this site. For all of us.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I hope you've had a fabulous day dear Clarence.
    You give me so much inspiration to always keep moving forward.

    Lots & lots of love xoxo

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    FreeAsTheOcean said:
    01 September 2019

    Wow congratulations! How proud you must be. You are an inspiration, someone we look to for your experience and gentle advise.

    Thank you for the role you play here and I bet you have been an instrumental part of thousands of quitters journeys.

    Congratulations on your epic achievement!!

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    nanaturtle said:
    01 September 2019

    Congratulations Clarence the 🐈 Cat 🥂 may I add my Appreciation of Your Support to this site, also.
    9years, never gets old, eh?
    Two words spring to mind,
    🌟 Epic & Legend 🌟
    They fit You perfectly..
    Thank you, for sticking around 😜
    Always ODAAT NOPE
    Stay Strong 🙂

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    hangin'4'it said:
    01 September 2019

    I must admit that there are times when i am quite happy to hang out with the smokers and inhale the residue :-)

  • avatar-icon
    Quitline Admin said:
    01 September 2019

    Congratulations on nine years smokefree Clarence and for sticking around with your great advice and support for everyone here.

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    #nomorechimney said:
    18 September 2019

    Hi Clarence the Cat, Im new in and am trawling through posts for support, I just wanted to say Im really enjoying reading your blogs, so inspiring and reminding that I don't want to smoke.