Hey again guys, just wanted to share my excitement from last week of being over 2 months off the smokes! For those just starting out, I want to say that it absolutely gets easier. In the first couple of weeks I was a right cow to everyone, constantly wanting smokes, and begrudging seeing a group smoking on my breaks at work. I can now say that I’m confident that I’ll be off them for good. I even managed to be in a car with someone smoking and didn’t want one. I’m really glad I made the choice to quit 😊

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    clarence the cat said:
    25 August 2019

    So heartwarming to read your blog Becca.
    It is hard at first, but when you consider how long you've been addicted to those little beasts you can't expect to just throw them away without any ill feelings.
    Well done for persisting.
    Enjoy your SMOKEFREE week.

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    Nana22 said:
    25 August 2019

    That's fantastic Becca. You deserve to feel excited and proud of your achievement.
    In the early days it's hard to believe that we'll ever feel comfortable as a non-smoker.
    I'm happy to see that now you are.
    Congratulations on 2 months smokefree, and thanks for sharing.

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    Quitline Admin said:
    25 August 2019

    Thanks for sharing this Becca, glad to hear things are going well.