Today I am starting my journey to quit smoking. I am so determined to give up and there are so many benefits for me and my family if I am successful. My partner is joining me also but Im not 100% sure if he is as committed as I am but I guess time will tell and if he see’s that Im making an effort it may encourage him to as well.

Last week I tried quitting cold turkey and that didn’t go too well so I waited for the prescription to arrive to get some patches and lozengers so I am really hopeful about them helping me out a bit.

I do have a bit of worry in the back of my mind because I have so many emotions and habits attached to smoking so it will be a huge experience the next few days to see how I cope with finding and using alternative methods instead of reaching for a smoke.

Anyway Im thankful that I get to follow people and their journey’s of giving up because it will be motivating and inspiring for me and will also teach me ways to cope with the cravings and emotions I will be facing in these next couple of weeks..

I will try post regularly as it will be nice to look back on later on. Good luck and congrats to everyone who is on the quit train or have fully kicked the habit...

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    Quitline Admin said:
    14 August 2019

    Welcome to the blogs Determined and starting on your quit journey.
    Your username is very fitting as quitting smoking does require one to be determined. It is great that you know what the benefits are for yourself and your family.
    It is completely understandable that you feel a bit of worry about the emotions and habits you have tied to smoking. A way you can flip this around is think about how you can build new habits around being smokefree. Those benefits you spoke of can help with coming up with those.

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    clarence the cat said:
    14 August 2019

    So pleased you are going to try again.
    The quit journey is about replacing the smoking habit with a Non-Smoking habit.
    It is not guaranteed to be easy, but then anything worth having is best enjoyed if you have to work at it to earn it.
    Be prepared to take each day as it comes. Practice the 4 D's.
    Drink water
    Deep breathing

    Live by the mantra Not One Puff Ever (NOPE)
    You can do this. Everyone here is right behind you to offer support if you need it.
    Good luck.

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    Nana22 said:
    14 August 2019

    Welcome Determined and good on you deciding to quit. It is the best thing you could do for yourself and your family.

    I think we all have the heebie jeebies when we first start, but remain focused on the reasons for quitting and it won't take long until your confidence builds and you start reaoing the rewards of a smokefree life - and they are far reaching and many.

    Use the blogs for support. We want smokefreedom for you as much as you want it yourself.
    Try not to worry about your partner. You can lead by example.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

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    PSPSP said:
    14 August 2019

    You'll be fine Determined. Your name says it all.

    It is always a buzz to see a new quitter. Especially one with such a positive outlook.

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    PokuruGirl said:
    14 August 2019

    Hi Determined. Good to see you here at the start of your journey. As a very heavy smoker (30 plus a day for 30+ years), I also quit with my husband. So, things were a bit weird at ours for the first few weeks - because we were tetchy, our plan was if you couldn’t say something nice, say nothing (it was a very quiet few weeks!). Then, not smoking slowly became the new normal. We actually managed to stick with this quit and are now 7 years smoke free. We only had one rule - don’t buy any. That helped with the don’t smoke any as we didn’t have friends we could “borrow” any from. Our stats tell us that we have “saved” about $120,000 - in reality, we do not have a bank account with that money but we do have a lot of lovely memories of travel, renovations, family, food and friends. We also now have a lovely spa pool on the deck and there’s nothing nicer than a dip at night, looking at the stars and missing smoking not one little bit. Work out what you’d spend over a week and what you’d rather do with that money - save it, spend it, plan a trip etc and then you’re gaining great things rather than “missing out”. Keep us posted D, we all want you to succeed.

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    Nomore said:
    14 August 2019

    Good on you determined if you partner is not ready that's ok cause you are..just focus on you at the momment! I am at my 3rd week of this journey..its not easy but the benefits are enormous health and money wise. Patches have been my life saver its still uncomfortable initially but after about7 days the body adjusts. I myself tried the cold Turkey but it just didnt work for me...this is a much gentler detox. Hang in there use this blog for support and insite from those further down this road. We all walking together and collectively we can support each other on this journey. Good to read your blog big time welcome!

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    Blondene said:
    14 August 2019

    Hi determined..the others have given you some great advice I just wanted to say welcome to the blogs and you have my support 🤗🤗