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    Maori Gurl 536 said:
    14 September 2018

    Greetings our Smokefree Family
    It is I.....Maori Gurl !!!! (taaa daaa) lol
    I have been smoke free for 212 days ( woop woop)
    I need my lungs for better things.
    For calling - karanga, for singing, for breathing fresh air.
    I am one of the callers at my marae.
    Stay strong on your journey

    Better Living 💗

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    Nana22 said:
    14 September 2018

    Lovely post Maori Gurl. And thanks for the translation as well. I am embarrassed how little i know. It is a beautiful language and the little i can speak or understand, i have learned from my grandies ! It is lovely to hear it rolling off their tongues.

    Congrats on your 212 days of freedom. You're right.........your lungs are being put to much better use, and are very grateful.

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    Sammy - J said:
    15 September 2018


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    nanaturtle said:
    15 September 2018

    🤗🤗🤗 thank you....
    Congratulations-how special ❣️

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    Kathry said:
    16 September 2018

    Congratulations on your numbers and thank you for your post. Wonderful to see. Best wishes