Smokefree days: 2,923
Total savings: $40,922

8 years yesterday.

I typed a big long blog late last nite but sadly the system went to sleep and logged me out before I had finished. Today I will simply say I never thought I could, but I have achieved a goal beyond my wildest dreams. If I can do it, (I was once a very heavy smoker, chained to my ciggy packet, addict) anyone can. Quitline and all the people here are so supportive and encouraging, I cannot praise you all enough. Looking forward to announcing my 9 year achievement this time next year.
Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE Fathers Day

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    PokuruGirl said:
    01 September 2018

    Good morning Clarence the Cat. Huge congratulations on 8 years of freedom. You've always been a great support to PSPSP and me but, sadly, we will always be nearly two years behind you in quitting. Still, it's a race I'm happy to "lose"! I hope you're treating yourself to something nice.

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    nanaturtle said:
    02 September 2018

    Thank You Clarence-for being in here, inspiring us All
    8years is no mean feat and I can feel Your Pride 🤗
    Congratulations-Your demon has well&truly been demoted!!
    Very happy Breathday to You 😉
    Great Stuff 👍🌟

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    Ady said:
    02 September 2018

    Hello Hello Hello to my Quit Buddy..
    How are you Clarence.
    Ive just got home after 3 days away and got lots to do.
    I been waiting for you.. lol. You really make me happy to see your 8yr blog, I will forever be chasing 65 days behind you. 😁
    What an achievement.. 8 Years ago we started this journey, I never looked that far into the future but here you are.. Leading the way and still hanging around here.
    You Truly are an inspiration Clarence, supporting many others along their ways and living proof that no matter how long ppl have smoked, this is achievable.
    Thank you for the coffee's and your hospitality when I call in to see you on my travels.
    I have a gift for you my friend, something you've earned and worked for.. 🏆 🥇(see below)
    Take care buddy.
    Cheers 👍

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    Nana22 said:
    02 September 2018

    Oh what a shame - i bet it was an awesome and inspiring blog Clarence.
    However this post is just as awesome and inspiring.

    Congratulations seems almost trite for this fantastic achievement Clarence, but really it's all i have. Eight years is absolutely epic!
    You have encouraged and inspired me so much throughout my journey.
    You have always been consistent in your support and so caring. I want you to know how much it has - and still does mean to me.

    I hope you're having a fabulous 8th Breathday my friend.
    Love you lots xoxo

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    clarence the cat said:
    02 September 2018

    Aw Shucks Ady. You've made go all shy!!

    Thank you very much.

    Truth is, this past week has been a bit of deja vu.

    Last Monday, almost 8 years to the day since I began my quit journey, I was taken to hospital in an ambulance because my Blood Pressure decided to sky rocket and misbehave completely.
    8 years ago, I was in hospital having Gall Bladder surgery.

    It was quite scary for a while. All the scans xrays and ECG's proved there was no physical problems so I guess I have let stress get on top of me. I am home again and feeling great and loving watching everyone's progress against the Old Demon.

    You really must call in again sometime. I'd love to have a chat with you.
    Watching out for a post from you in 65 days time.

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    Kathry said:
    02 September 2018

    A wonderful achievement - well done and thank you for all you do

  • avatar-icon
    Felix said:
    02 September 2018

    lovely numbers and fantastic achievement 😺👍

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    Shewa said:
    02 September 2018

    Congratulations and thank you for being there for so many of us on your journey ;-)

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    CanDoo said:
    03 September 2018

    Truly inspirational Clarence. You're one of the great's around here.
    Have a lovely day.

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    Hollie said:
    03 September 2018

    Wow what a tremendous achievement. I'm still trailing there behind you.

    I hope you have spoilt yourself today as you so so deserve it.

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    Murphy5000 said:
    03 September 2018

    Massive congrats Clarence those numbers are truly inspirational 😊

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    Ladylene said:
    03 September 2018

    Hey Clarence .. Congratulations .. what a fantastic effort. You are an inspiration to so many of us .. As Ady says .... thanks so much for being such a fantastic support. Let me know when you are next down and we can catch up hey xxx

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    BrianW said:
    03 September 2018

    If I stick to my first quit i would have been 8 years too , LOL. you are truly inspirational to all of us.