Smokefree days: 24
Total savings: $286

Going great I don't want to smoke anymore and after such a long time trying and quitting I'm really getting to the point where I'm sick of thinking about smoking...I picked up my nicotine gum and have experienced the hiccups but that's just a mild adjustment...I've had many smokefree days where smokes hasn't entered my brain it's been wonderful!!..just wanted to pop in and share..

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    trish said:
    09 November 2018

    Yeah true days like that become more frequent, go easy on that gum it gave me terrible indigetion you got to just bite down on it 2 or 3 times and leave it by your gums for maybe ten mins,but it is really good for the intense cravings...You are nearly up to the 4 week mark Blondene and you are so much an ex smoker already,brain has adapted now aye? TTFN

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    Nomore said:
    10 November 2018

    Awesome mate feels so good not thinking about smoke...we can do this...we are WINNERS!!!!!!!!