Was going to the shop, so I got asked to buy some smokes for my mate.
Our local dairy owner knows I'd given up because I was a regular buyer before. I'd walk in and she'd head straight to my brand.
Should of seen the look of disappointment when I asked for smokes.
Then she realized it wasn't my old brand I was asking for.

Me: "yup Jazz, it's not for me it's for my workmate."
A big ray of sunshine radiated from her genuine smile.
Yeah matey thats how I feel everyday now😊😊

*Note: I let everyone know that I was quitting from day one. Announced it on my FB pg. Told all my friends, whanau, work colleagues and even my local shop keepers. One of my friends reckoned I should of just kept quiet in case I failed and I'd feel shamed....Hell NO, if I fail I'd have all these wonderful people that are rooting for me to succeed kick my ass back in there. It's ok Quit whanau to trip up, but it's only a failure if you quit trying. Brush yourself off and start again.
Better Living 💗

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    clarence the cat said:
    19 June 2018

    Good for you Maori Gurl. Everyone is different and this is your quit and you're handling it your way. You go gurl!! Even if your friends aren't open with their support you can guarantee they're quietly cheering you on. Well done!!

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    Shaza29 said:
    19 June 2018

    Oh yay congrats. Its great you his e told everyone from day one as I found it'd great to ha e as much support as we can get. You have done an awesome job. You ha e this quit in the bag, keep it up xx

  • avatar-icon
    nanaturtle said:
    19 June 2018

    So Proud of You 👍
    Stay strong 🙂⭐