Kia ora Quit whanau.
125 auahi kore ... out there still pumping the good vibes amongst my whanau & friends. Getting the guilty look from some whanau members. Because they thought I would of folded by now and they're not ready to join me yet.

OH yes... apparently my eyes say too much hahaha. Well I can't help but look at you all hoha when you hold up our road trip by having a smoke at every mimi stop. And I can't hide the happiness in my eyes when you guys are freezing outside of the car.....While I'm nice and toasty warm LMAO.
(I was teasing my sisters HARD from the car hahaha)
Any hu I'm doing well with no cravings. Still chewing sugar free gum though.
And my figure has gone from Beyonce to Telly tubby so I need to exercise a whole lot more....because this maori loves her kai ..hehe
Kia kaha koutou
Better Living. 💗

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    Shaza29 said:
    18 June 2018

    Yay congrats you are doing so well. I know what you mean about being toasty warm while others are outside freezing puffing on the horrible smokes that we have kicked. You are doing so well keep up the great work xx

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    nanaturtle said:
    18 June 2018

    You're doing so Well Maori Gurl👍
    You've stayed True to Your Quit & put it out there to friends &whanau. I believe this helps to keep us honest-with Ourselves!
    Cos We all know how Easy it is to cheat, when no-ones watching!!
    Enjoy that gum & You be super Proud of Yourself. You've earned Your kudos
    Kia Kaha
    Enjoy Your Smokefree Day 🙂🌼

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    Maori Gurl 536 said:
    18 June 2018

    Hi Nana Turtle & Shaza ....yup not preaching just leading by example, or laughing at their dumb arses when they're freezing outside lol. I'm absolutely stoked I'm still not craving ...I hope it stays like this. ODAAT NOPE

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    Blondene said:
    18 June 2018

    Hi Maori Gurl...there's many perks to remaining smokefree..being toasty warm is one of them...eating and enjoying food is the😊your days are sure adding up now most excellent!

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    Tigger said:
    18 June 2018

    Loving the vibes!!! Celebrate hard hun on your fantastic achievements! And keep shining that light for your whanau.