121 days ago ....I was sick in hospital and went down stairs to the chemist to buy a hairbrush. The scarecrow look just wasn't working for me, on my ward lol.
While downstairs I saw patients attached to drips on stands, monitors, even 1 in their hospital bed outside the entrance doors ...smoking. Sick half dead looking people....gahhhhhhd dam.
That moment was when I started my quit. I wasn't craving before I saw that. I was just happy to stay up in my ward and forget about smoking...and just concentrate on bettering my health so I could go home. But when I saw the state of everyone out there smoking with speakers blasting " This is a smokefree hospital blah blah blah...And every one just blatantly ignoring it.
That repulsed me, made me hoha, made me ashamed and made me very sad..because the majority out there were my people :(
Tonight I picked up my dad from the hospital after an overnight stay.
It was dark and pissing down and still had heaps of patients outside the entrance doors coughing and spluttering through their almighty smoke.
Sad so sad ...
I can't help them. But I can help myself , my whanau and friends when they ask.
Kia kaha koutou
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    Anonymous said:
    15 June 2018

    Awesome post.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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    Tigger said:
    15 June 2018

    Awesome! And by helping your friends and family, they may in turn help someone they know and so on and so forth, by having the courage to step forward into this journey, you are being the light for your people.... a small pebble dropped into a lake can cause many and far reaching ripples. Keep going gurl, you are inspiring!

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    Blondene said:
    15 June 2018

    Glad your not in hospital anymore 😊...the last time I was in a hospital I shamefully vaped thru it all...suprised I didn't get caught...well done on your quit...no more having to enslave to the addiction! Be proud of your days Maori Gurl...winning!!

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    Shaza29 said:
    15 June 2018

    Oh yay congrats. You are doing an awesome job. Yeah you can only help friends and family when they ask for it. I think you have done an awesome job so far with your quit. You have this!!! Xx