Yesterday was my last day of work for four months. Being smoke free and on a four month holiday is a wonderful feeling of a hard won freedom.

I will be keeping myself busy and enjoying every moment. Yoga will be my main form of exercise along with a little bit of Pilates and plenty of walking to get fit for trekking in Nepal.

I will be doing a bit if study and learning Thai to keep my mind active.

I will try to pick up some new musical instruments. I have a plan for that. I have some base tracks on my phone and whenever I encounter a new instrument I will try to play along to the track. When I encounter the right instrument playing it will come naturally and I will purchase one to take with me. When I bring it back yo NZ I'll be the only "one of them" players is NZ. Which will make me the best "one of them" players in NZ.

Needless to say with all these wonderful new activities I will not go back to the filthy fungluckers.

I got to go.

Have a great weekend non-suckers

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    AXL said:
    20 May 2017

    Hi Maanu. Enjoy your OE mate. Remember cigarettes are very cheap over in Asia so don't be tempted. Keep in touch mate😀

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    nanaturtle said:
    21 May 2017

    X Citing!!

    Jealous 😞

    Happy 😊 for You 👍

    Enjoy Your hard earned Holiday Maanu

    Just DONT be tempted!!

    Only for Suckers!!

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    GTMI said:
    21 May 2017

    NO MORE WORK...........EXCITING 😃😃😃