Gidday folks! Wow finally hit over a thousand days of being free! It's been an emotional journey but one I don't regret. I think back to Day 1 and man that was a struggle, look at me now! I so cannot believe I've gotten this far, considering I use to be a heavy smoker and really loved the social aspect of it as well. For me I started at a young age thinking it was cool, then I became addicted and in turn became my 20 plus years of struggling to quit but not having the courage to give up something I so enjoyed!

Well 1004 days ago I decided enough was enough!!! Man I'm still in shock, oh well, time to move on to my next mile stone I guess! My quit journey has been all about hitting certain milestones, first it was getting through the first day, then the first week, then the first month, then 6 months, then 1st year and so it went on like this.

If you're struggling out there, don't give up, keep going, stay quit! Once again, thank you to everything that has encouraged me in my journey, without your support I wouldn't have made it this far.


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    nanaturtle said:
    11 August 2017

    You did the Hard yards Korey-You deserve this Pride.
    Congratulations on this epic Milestone 🎉🌟!!
    Next stop? Encouraging others to Believe - Great work Korey.
    Thank You for sharing 👍😜
    Celebration time! 🍻 Just No smoking!!

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    sez123 said:
    11 August 2017

    Amazing stats Corey a big congratulations and thanks for being such an inspiration 👍😀

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    the struggling one said:
    11 August 2017

    Lovely blog very inspiring for me. Day 5 which is a miracle for me but so very tempted.
    30 years of smoking what a waste. I hate the smell and don't enjoy its just an overwhelming urge to have another. I hate that I'm thinking every minute every day about smoking.
    Any advice?

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    Nana22 said:
    12 August 2017

    Hey Korey. Another great post from you.
    A belated, but huge congrats on the big 1000 mate.
    Hope to see you soon for your 3 year milestone.

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    Cheekyhua said:
    12 August 2017

    Congrats Korey :), well done you 😊. I still recall an unsure version of you. Great to see the motivated Korey. Keep at it 🙄

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    clarence the cat said:
    12 August 2017

    Congratulations Korey. You are an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing.

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    GTMI said:
    12 August 2017

    Happy 1000 Days Korey, what a brilliant effort 🙂

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    smokefreemep said:
    13 August 2017

    Fantastic Korey well done

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    Korey275 said:
    15 August 2017

    Thanks everyone for your support, means so much! I love receiving encouragement just as much as I love giving it, it's rewarding both sides of the equation. Christine, well done on starting your new journey, all I can say is stay motivated and always remember the reasons you are quitting, for me it was doing it for my wife and kids, they are my heart and soul so despite my anxiety about quitting, my motivation was easy because I was staring at them every day. Trust me, I was a 20+ year smoker so it wasn't easy, it ruled my life, I went from thinking about it every day to just changing my whole mind set to not panic when I think about smoking, once I achieved that I was well and truly on my way, it wasn't easy but I drank plenty of water and kept myself busy in those initial days.

    For me, quitting was a hard grind, it wasn't a sprint to the finish line, it's a slow jog with a lot of hills to climb and muddy waters to tread so brace yourself and prepare yourself for the long haul, like anything, there is no magic pill or potion, oh and I ate heaps!!!!!! LOL I've been trying to get that weight off ever since!! LOL Well for starters my taste buds have returned and damn food tastes good!!! LOL

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    Janet G said:
    16 August 2017

    First - Congratulations Korey!!! 👍👍💪💪🌟🌟🌟
    Second - thanks so much for your inspiring words 😁😁👍🌺 I hope hank I'm going to pinch them it that's okay lol 😁😁

    Third, but most importantly- what a commitment to yourself and your family !!! You are a true Champion!! 🥇🥇🥇

    You are someone I think of often. I am so proud of you 😁😁😁👍💪👍💪👍
    Stay strong and NOPE 😁😁😁😁💪💪💪🌟🌟🌟

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    Jane said:
    21 September 2017