Got really stressed at work today (work related). Rewriting some procedural code as SQL was slowly but surely doing my head in. I needed to cut out for a walk and ended up circumnavigating the old Newmarket Domain (The block that contains Lumsden Green & the pool) to clear my mind.

Yes, fags were on my mind, but not as a strong urge. I did toy with the idea of smoking "Just one" but resisted. When I'm looking at myself "from a distance" it's amazing how cunning and duplicitous I can be in my dealings with myself.

I rewarded myself with a little gift. Starting today it's been possible to register .nz instead of, etc. I registered the .nz of my surname. Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

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    lemony snickets said:
    01 October 2014

    ahhhh that little nagging fiend called addiction. Little trickster tried to haul you in huh. Good on ya Bruce you conquered another craving :)