My wife & I went out for a pizza at the Ponsonby food court & then on to Circus Circus in Mt Eden for coffee. They are both regular haunts of ours and the first time we've been since I quit.

It was really quite weird as at several points on the trip I felt a strong desire to smoke. The desire was much stronger than the desires I've been having for the last couple of days. I thought about this and realised that these were at places where previously I would have lit-up. Getting out of the car, leaving the food court, etc.

I never realised that I was so predictable as to where I lit up while travelling around. I'm hoping that these were places where I nearly always lit up, as I've already worked out that the desire to smoke associated with a place seems to reduce much faster when I (nearly) always lit up there.

It felt good to be back at Circus Circus. I begged off with a weak excuse at the weekend as I did not wish to go anywhere I might feel strong temptation with a tobacco pusher nearby.

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    Sweetie said:
    11 September 2014

    Good on u Bruce. I have the same prob with places I've regularly smoked too. One day we won't associate those places with lighting up. Well done!!

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    Bicycle said:
    11 September 2014

    I used to smoked when sitting in front of my computer every night. Now, although I quit smoking, I can't quit computer yet :) So, at the beginning, I would still stand up and look for my ciggy (which was no where around the house)...then, I pretended I have got one, and sit back down, and imagine I am smoking....(deep breath a few times....), after a few mins, I was fine ! :) Just take it easy. Allow whatever feeling comes to you, and 'treat' it nicely. Oh...I used to smoke when doing big toilet too ! Now, I go to the toilet with a pen instead, isn't that funny !

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    Julia C said:
    11 September 2014

    @bicycle One lucky thing for me is that I haven't smoked inside for well over 10 years, so computer, TV, etc aren't associated with smoking (Except some ad breaks where I'd rush outside).

    There's a guy I have worked with for 14 years who hasn't smoked since before I met him. To this day he often carries a pen outside and mock puffs on it when he needs a stress break. He refers to the smoking pen as a "kuglescriber".

    I won't suggest putting anything in your mouth while doing "big toilet", but about 20 years ago when a club I belonged to banned smoking in the toilets, I remember this elderly lady saying "I can't understand how men can smoke in the toilet" ... to which I replied "It's a gender differences, when men urinate, our mouths aren't involved" and wandered off before she had a reply.