Jul 24 2014


Hi all well life has become some what busy now that I am no longer smoking so I just thought I would quickly come on here and say a big hello to you all and a huge welcome to any of you who are just starting your journey with our family. I have now completed my programme a few months ago now but I continued to use nicotine replacement therapy till I felt I was able to wean myself off I can now say honestly that I am a non smoker what a great feeling that is to be able to say that keep on keeping on
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Apr 22 2014


Smokefree days
729 days
NOT smoked
Money saved

Greetings fellow quitters. Tomorrow is the second anniversary of my quitting. I still use lozenges, not for the nicotine, but for the substitute act for smoking. I have put on considerable weight as food now tastes so nice. I exercise every day and my health is fine. The one positive, is that my doctor and I have agreed that the subject of cholesterol will not be discussed, as my risk factors for heart problems are close to normal. (My family has no history of heart attacks)

While I have not saved $7884.00, I am definitely better off. I have used the money I have saved to buy things and subsidise trips I would not otherwise have taken. I think the most liberating thing about not smoking is not being chained to going outside to grab a smoke. When I think of how it ruled my like I feel embarrassed. To all those who are starting the journey, I wish you luck- to those like me who are successful ex smokers, congratulations and keep it up.

Kia ora tatou
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Jul 18 2013

What inspires you to quit

2 ways to learn, the easy way and the very easy way, the easy way is i tell you not to smoke, the very easy way is, continue to smoke and end up in hospital with breathing problems and then end up in hospital every time u get a cold because u cant breath and end up with a oxygen tank by your'e side, in the house and in the local countdown, them things get worse-er-er

So u got a choice, the easy way, or the very easy way
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Apr 22 2013

Stats Update 92 days smokefree

Smokefree days: 92 days
Grams NOT smoked: 789
Total savings: $999.00

I am so proud of myself, for coming this far with quitting smoking and saving almost $$1000, but looking in the mirror and seeing this beached whale i have now become i see where the money has gone too...... food!! grr fml!!!
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Jan 25 2013

Back again

I don't know how many times I've started the quit process and given up on quitting!

It's day 4 today, in theory I've done the hardest few days, but boy do I want a smoke right now!

I've realised I really miss the chance to get away from my desk for a few minutes, especially when it's really busy, or the work is really hard and I want some time to reflect on what I need to do next.

I just keep thinking: "if you have one cigarette, it's going to cost you $550" (that's a month's smoking cost for me). And while I'd happily pay for a packet right now, I can't justify $550 on anything! So another lozenge it is.
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Nov 28 2012

making the decision

Okay, it's probably the 500th time I've tried to quit and here we go again. This time I'm going to track my progress, share my gloom and doom times and take some people on my journey! Hopefully, I'll be able to blog some happy occassions, make some online friends who will be walking that path with me.
I've recently joined the unemployed group after 30 productive years in the workforce. That alone is going to be a new journey and I suddenly have to question myself on the financial decisions Im making at the moment......bread, milk, fooooood or a smoke? Something has to give so......December the 7th is my committed date. On that date, I would have been unemployed for one calendar month. Lets hope that between now and then, some good soul will employ me:-)
Anyway, this is not only about having no job, its because of this trigger, I've had to be real about my health, the financial cost of this product and my mental wellness and strength Im going to have to go through to rid myself of this unpopular habit!
Wish me luck in my endeavour and this is the beginning of a new day......not long to go now!!!
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Sep 3 2012

Journal Day 8

Hello team,

Day eight is fast approaching a close.
The weekend was very difficult. I was extremely angry the entire time.
So I have invested in a electronic ciggeratte. using it with zero niccotine.
Back at work, feels better. got 30 days of leave. I need to take some but if im at home I'll be bored and smoke. What are peoples view of electronic ciggies?
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Jun 5 2012

31 Days Down

Well it's been 31 days and not one single cigarette has passed these lips!

I have to say there have been very few times in the past month I have been tempted but the times I have been have been pretty strong urges.

Mainly when I am socialising and having a couple of drinks. Or the weekend my wife went to Oz for some reason the minute her plane took off I felt like a smoke - obviously my inner child is as rebellious now as ever.

I have made some changes to the places I go, I've only been inside a pub a handful of times in the last month and I have stopped socialising with acquaintances that smoke but it's a small price to pay - and now I just spend time around those that don't smoke.

And the kicker is the $420+ I've NOT spent in the last month killing myself, must be time for a treat!
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Jun 3 2012


I had bad cravings about an hour ago ... coughing is really bad. I thought that's one of the reasons I gave up. Wonder if the body can go into anti toxic shock syndrome - lol.

I am not a smoker. NOPE
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May 24 2012


After just watching the news, am even more Glad i dont smoke! Would hate to think what my stats would be if i still smoked and the packets cost $20!
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