Jun 10 2018

To Bub44 All Members


Hi Bubs, I remember you, like me your profile pic is still the same. Lol
It’s so good to see the successful & experienced members here like yourself, for it is us that shines the light on the pathway for new members.
You say you’ve joined a Facebook page where some of the old timer quit folk have gone to…
Where is that.. Please tell.
Don’t worry about the rules here, there are none and I know that there’s only 1 staff member moderating the blogs during weekends, obviously that’s not being done either. (No response to my blog)
Clarence, Thank you sweety, I wasn’t aware things went That bad, but at least there’s still time for me to see what can be done to fix the issues and turn this place around.
Pop’s .. OMG Really, after 6 weeks of providing feedback to them did many issues get ironed out?
Obviously not enough because you gave up in frustration.
If that was only 1 person, yea that be understandable but it’s Not only 1 person is it.. it’s Everyone.
Maori Gurl, Yes that’s the safe bet smart move, copy your comments or blog to a ‘Word’ document before posting, just in case. Until this place is sorted that will have to be the safe bet. I’ve been saved twice with that method in the last hour already and I’ve only posted 3 things.
Good on you Gurl & yes I feel your frustration too. 👍
If other ppl are using other sites including Facebook groups, Please.. Do Tell, help each other and post them in the comments here, that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

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Jun 10 2018



Hi Aunty.. Hahaha
You're not really my Aunty but 'NT' almost cuts it. Hahaha
I was just reading older blogs, way back last August there were web site changes and you called me, there were issues & not the best by the sounds of it, things are slow here now, the excitement has been tamed or changed somehow and then I read a comment by you, 'Ady can you fix this'.. Hahahaha
I could of but would need to know exactly everything they've done or access to Admin rights but thats no guarantee I'd be any quicker than they fixed it.
Now that I've found whats happened here... This is gonna take a while to grow back to what we had, I think we've lost members thru web site frustration and will take a "Maniac" to bring it back, (I know you're looking at me Hahaha) 😁
Changes have gotta happen & I don't know how just yet.

But... How is everyone finding this web site now.. any issues?
Yes, I wanna see comments or I can't help you all.
To see only 2 or 4 comments on ppls blogs is .. well,... Sad.
We used to have between 6 & 20 per blog.
Wheres the spirit, wheres the love, wheres the Magic.. C'mon guys..

Quitline.. How many active members you got signed up on here now?
Yes, I want an answer or I will email you direct.

Oh to see my name called out a few times while I've been away... Shoulda been "LOUDER"
Sorry guys but I was busy playing the role as IT Tutor at Advanced Training Centre for a few years. (Loved that job, was soooo Cool & Damn Redundancy)

Do I have to go back to writing my Quit Smoking Book, I never did finish that.
Looking at self employment opportunities, have even started looking at coaching, (life coach)
Ya know,.. this energy I have inside of me,.. Yea, it doesn't stop.
Had some friends rename me one day .. 'ADHD' 😵.. Cheeky sods.

Something has definitely changed here and being in NZ, My home... Yea we can do better, we're Kiwis, we ARE the Leaders, we are the best, don't believe me.. Just ask Me.
FIG JAM ( F*** I'm Good, Just Ask Me )

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Mar 26 2018

Smokefree 2025 is a false statement


The other day, I was wondering what will happen in 2025 when NZ has become a “ smokefree” nation. Does it mean that no more tobacco products are allowed to be sold, consumed and taken into the country?
And then I found out that Smokefree NZ 2025 means “New Zealand Government has set a goal so that by 2025 fewer than 5% of New Zealanders will be smokers”
OK… this is not what I expected. This is not how I understand the “ Smokefree” signs outside hospitals or playgrounds. Now I suspected that this whole smokefree 2025 thing is more like a revenue gathering practice for NZ government if the constant tax increasing every year on tobacco products is not aiming to ban the smoke completely in 2025 but just to “aim to reduce to smokers to 5% with no enforcement”. Because this heavy tax is no longer just a temporary tool to give smokers incentive to quit but it become permanent tax to be charged on the remaining smokers after year 2025 with potential to keep rising.

In 2009 , one in five (21.0%) adults aged 15–64 years were current smokers (Ref:”Key findings from the 2009 New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey”,moh). Let’s say the goal will be achieved in 2025 with only 5% of the NZers are smokers ( I am not sure here means 5% the same age group 15-64 or the entire population which is another misleading part). The total tax money received by the extra tax (around triple the tax on the cigarettes at moment with more to come) has well covered the “lost tax” amount with reducing number of smokers. If you take into the account that the less people are requiring smoke related health treatment with less health cost to the government, the government are actually making more money.

I am the one with no problem with tax increase if it is used as a temporary tool to help people to quit but I suspect this is not the case. Now for me, it looks like the government is playing with people’s mind and abusing the tax system if smoke is till legal after year 2025.

My day 1350.

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Mar 19 2018

Givn up smokeing


Iv been on patches for 3 days now.gone down to 3 smokes a day.was 10.feeling stressed and just want to eat!!!.thinkn about getn a vape!🤔🤔🤔

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Dec 27 2017

Been Gone


Time to move on.
Boxing day sales....
How many Boxing days are there?
Why are the sales going til the end of the week? And what's with these Friday& Monday sales?
How about this for a Resolution -throw all the days in a hat & randomly draw one each day!!!!!
True Freedom Living... 😊
It's as well, dreams are free!!!!
Happy day Everyone 😁
Hope You strike a Bargain 😝👌🎈

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May 15 2017

quit sh1tsticks

Been on the quit path for while now havn almost completed a week sh1tstick free, But i am on nico free vape. But getting crook from too much vape now.Ill plan to end vape end of next week
Just trying get nico levels down n mind not so crazy
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Apr 20 2017

Please dont delete my post because I told the truth government lackeys

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May 26 2016

Still around

Hi everyone, I'm still around, just checked last blog was 30 March... Was on 90 days. Had a slip up on 99 days or 98 days I can't remember. Pretty stupid but won't get into that. I'm 3 days back in again, I only smoked a few days since then but I will reset back to my last which was sat night so sunday first day smoke free. Such an annoyance, feel so crap again. I know the drill so won't bore you with it. Just have to keep my head down and get on with life until I start to feel better again, which will probably be in about 2 weeks.

I've had quite a few important things come up lately, which has only made it even more likely for me that I will be quitting. My old lifestyle is long gone and don't I know it, which included smoking. Suffice to say my relapse had something to do with my enabler mate. Well that was it for me, I'm not contacting my mate again. Only when I feel comfortable which will likely be months and months, probably 6 months nicotine free then I can feel strong, but who knows, maybe I will need longer.

Anyway I have reaped what I have sown and now need to get back up and climb that mountain to the top. I'm looking forward to a nice summer break at the end of the year, long holiday in the sun, being 6+ months nicotine free and being at the top of my my hypothetical mountain.

It will be a struggle, I know, I joined this site 14 May 2013, that's 3 years that I joined up to quit line. I could be over 1000 days by now but instead am on 3 days. Everyone who is reading this please do not do what I do. Do not keep relapsing, if you need to cut 'friends' from your life do so. It's not worth the terrible cycle and health problems.

On a side note 20 pack was $24.60 from the dairy. Amazing that's now $1.23 per cigarette.
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Jan 29 2015

Four days down

I'm really excited to be four days down. I've given up before (but not with the resolve I have this time! ) and for the first time ever, I've actually transferred the money I'm saving into a bank account and it's already passed the $100 mark. I feel a bit disappointed in myself that it was the cost, and not the damage to my health, that actually was the kick up the backside to quit.

I'm feeling pretty good and the cravings are already getting less. I'm also enjoying not carrying chewing gum and perfume with me everywhere! And I have so much more time in the morning and evenings; I had noIidea how much time I spent smoking each day.
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Sep 29 2014

Date Set

My Land lady announced the other day that when her cigarettes had finished that was it for her - she was giving up. So I thought that if a lady of 70+ years can do the quit thing then I can do it as well, although she does not know yet that I am joining her.
I geuss reality set in last thursday - land lady came home from hospital app and discovered that a total hip replacement is needed as a student RN I know that they will not operate until she has given up smoking so I guess that is her incentive - Mine is to save money and be a healthy RN once I graduatte from UCOL PN
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