Jan 25 2019

Easy way to quit


I’m just here to help everyone who’s trying to quit and finding it difficult.
I spent years hopelessly trying, cutting down, patches lozenges etc to no avail. Until 2 months ago I read Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking. I was recommended it by a NZ doctor and it has changed my life!!! If you’re sceptical, just try it! I didn’t believe a book can help but it has and it was SO EASY!
If you can’t afford to buy just go to your library. Most have it, I wish I could let every smoker know how easy it becomes to become free!!
Not one craving ever since! You can do it people!

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Jan 4 2019

New Quitter


Hi Everyone,

Im new to this and am starting my quit journey tomorrow (5th January 2019). I am quite nervous as it is my first time quitting, but as the smoke prices are going up they are getting to become something that I am needing more than I actually do.

It is difficult for me because smoking is my form of 'stress relieving' when in reality its the one thing I stress about the most, when am I going to get my next packet, how long will they last for, If i dont have enough money where what will I do? IM OVER IT!!

I would love to chat to some of you to see what your techniques to beat the craves are because I am seriously scared and nervous, BUT I WANT THIS!!

Thank you


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Nov 29 2018

Slipped up


20th of febury I started my quit smoking journey, It has been rough to say the least, especially in the early stages.
8 months or so down the track I completely fucked up with weakness and lite a cigarette after having a fight with my patner. That was last Thursday evening. As I site in my porch smoking a cigarette I realise its Thursday and that one cigarette has now turned into a week of smoking. So as the week ends and monday rises I will start my quit journey again. Give me the strength to over come my addiction.

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Nov 21 2018



Smokefree days: 2,937 ( 8yrs )
Total savings: $61,760
This is based on 80gm p/wk and $92 p/50gm
YOU will be saving around the same if you Quit Today.💥
More incentive to stay Quit. 😎 ✔

Just a reminder to help with the quitting..
When we lose focus we’re forgetting our goals, were forgetting What we’re doing and our reasons Why we’re doing this, and that’s why when it's hard we’ll accept almost any reasonable suggestion that our minds give us,.. such as 🚬 smoking.
You’ve done the smoking habit for years now so it’s hardly surprising that there’s no obstruction or blockage to smoking unless you remain in Focus.
If you go off track your mind will wander and will accept many different suggestions as we forget what our Focus is, If we struggle to remember what we had for dinner 4 days ago it’s not surprising we easily forget our goals, if it’s only a mental picture that we obtained at the start of our Quit then we’re going to need to reinforce that to succeed at this Very Tough but highly rewarding Quest.

Remember the saying ‘out of sight, Out of mind’ well its true, but the good news is.. it also works the opposite way around too.
‘In my sight, In my mind’ which is why tangible items such as printed documents work really well, ie: fridge magnets, stickers or certs, postings, reminders on your fridge or bedroom wall are powerful tools.. ‘In my sight, In my mind’
Focus is a Strong, Quick and Definitive Remembrance of our goals which remind us in the hard times What & Why we’re doing this and what the rewards are in order to help keep us on track and acts as an obstruction or blockage to any wrong doing such as smoking.
Success is a matter of viewpoint, so.. what do you see today.!! 🏅
We can change the world by the way we see it with our knowledge, we can also change ourselves in the same way, stay Focused folks.

You already know this info but I just want to help you increase your chances of success.
Cheers Everyone. 👍 🍺 🍺

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Nov 4 2018

QUITLINE You Have Issues


Hello Quitline,
It appears that After Each and EVERY comment or Blog made by members that we can't see if our comments have been posted until we log out and log Back in again. Obviously some more changes have taken place but insufficient testing has been done, thus reflecting upon the members.
I have suggested this to you previously via email.. that your IT team needs an overhaul (Replacement)
There still isn't any moderating, this place is still very very quiet and you're still losing members including the long term experienced and valued ones due to 'Technical issues' here.
This blog post is for an example of evidential proof when we talk.
I shall be in contact with you later this week with a proposal.
Thank you

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Oct 29 2018

For the Admin


Kia ora Quitline Admin
My blog didn't post up until I logged out and logged back in.
I'm having to log in and out when replying on peoples blogs too.
Am I the only one that has this problem or have others noticed it too.
Gaaawww go away for awhile and come back to pakaru stuff lol

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Oct 16 2018

First day, my journey to a healthy lifestyle


I've just finished my last smoke, I usually smoke up to 10 rollies a day and I need to stop ! I can do this, my mind is set for a better life style. I am proud of myself to getting the help I need . I can do this, I can do this, I AM DOING THIS !

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Aug 1 2018

Email Sent To Quitline


Hi everyone, I have sent an email to Quitline last Friday night regarding the Blog site issues we have here, unfortunately I don't have a response or any acknowledgement as of yet being Weds 4pm. so will wait until Friday arvo before forwarding onto my local MP if I don't get any joy.
In the meantime.. is there anything else you lovely people would like to add to the list below. (Asking for money, chocolate and a Toyboy are out of bounds, ok)

1: Session timeout to extend – Session time is too short and closes members out while they’re writing well thought out blogs and comments, when they click on ‘Post’ it cuts them off AND they lose their write up. Now that’s called Frustration, we even have one member that it says please log in and she is Already in the blogs, she’s already logged in.

2: ‘Remember me’ timeout to extend – At present this is a joke (Non Existent) this has No function at all, it does Not work at all, for anyone. It is supposed to remember that IP Address for a period of time usually weeks to allow ease of signing in, not just a few minutes and having to sign in each and Every Time.

3: ‘Support’ button not working - How can we show support when the support button isn’t connected, they can’t show support as this button isn’t working for them, for me or anyone.
As you can see, Support for Quitline is going downhill really fast now and has been since the deployment of the last web site update July 2017.

4: Multiple Same Names, How many names of ‘Anonymous’ are allowed, how do we know which is which – Can you make non repeating name list so we can have anonymous, anonymous1, anonymous2, anonymous3 etc. etc. but no repeating or multiple same name listings.

5: Moderation – I have noticed And proven that Moderation is not being done at all anymore. Members used to write a blog titled ‘Quitline’ and your moderators would see it, read it and comment then take action or pass to Management to look into. This is not happening anymore and so there’s blogs all around different dates from frustrated bloggers requesting help/changes only to fall on Deaf Ears.
PS: The language script doesn’t stop anything, I know cos I’ve proven so, it’s still there.

6: Blog Separation – Members find it annoying that each and Every blog they read goes into its own separate page in order to read longer than 6 lines of text and/or to respond or read the comments. They do like the previous style where it would just extend the write up on the same page.

7: Achievements – Looking back at the records, I am impressed that Quitline undertook my idea of Achievement labels, where as I made Certificates they could print out stick on their fridge and is Tangible, Quitlines version being Badges is similar, although non printable but is viewable online, it has been identified that we Need a ‘100 Day’ Badge.
It is a Milestone and a significant point in a Quitters Diary.
Please remember, these Badges or Certificates have been designed to encourage the struggling Quitters, it is important to them and to Quitline.

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Jul 8 2018

Stats Update 35 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 35
Total savings: $260
Wow, been so busy at work haven't had the chance to get online, but 35 days, past the month, yeah baby!!!! This time of year on the farm is highly stressful but the triggers just aren't there anymore, I'm actually finding I'm dealing with the stress a lot easier without the smokes, feel calmer and more leveled headed. Feeling stronger, healthier and energized every day I am smoke free. 😊

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Jun 19 2018

Stats Update 1425 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,425
Total savings: $53,437

Might be time to buy a new car with all this saved money

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