Oct 2 2019

Beginning again


Starting again after awhile. Was able to stay smokefree for a long time beforehand, but had some dips which led me back to smoking. I have tried a few different methods. Vaping really helped because it's similar to smoking and still reasonably affordable, however, it isn't a healthy option. I wouldn't recommend it for the long term, maybe only a temporary quitting tool and go down to zero mg nicotine quickly if you try it, but stop within two months. So I am trying patches and lozenges again to stay smokefree and reduce nicotine dependency - fingers crossed!

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Oct 2 2019



Its been 1 month free from smoking, free from the bondage smoking had over me, planning my next ciggi, where I would sit, would I drink coffee or tea, should I have my ciggi before my meal or after, or perhaps both. Should I have one as Im driving up the road to my destination, 5-10 mins away, and one when I get there, and another on the way back. I have that phone call to make so another coffee, my favorite seat and ciggi made that conversation even better. So much planning went in to my next cigarette.

Not only the planning, but my cigarettes were my best friend ever, they were with me on my happiest days, saddest days, angry moments, stressful moments, bored moments, my friend comforted me in some of my biggest life moments, I knew there would come a day where I had to say goodbye to who I thought was my friend, that was a month ago now, and I'm glad.

At first I missed my friend, it felt as if there was a little bit of grief and loss, that was ok, I knew I could work through that, after all, my friend was not all that good for me. With my friend came frequent headaches, coughing spasms, panic if my friend was not close by, plus my friend was expensive, I would get sick in winter, and more often than not, we were isolated because no one wanted to be around us, we would have to sneak around in social gatherings to catch up, we smelt and at times were frowned upon. My friend took my money, made me sick, and at times isolated me, "SOME FRIEND" but we stuck together no mater what.

1 month ago I made the decision that I needed better friends in my life, ones that cared about me, I read good books, I walk without losing my breath, I eat healthier foods, I treat myself to something nice, I feel empowered mentally, my skin is grateful, I feel happier, and I don't smell yucky.

I still miss my old friend at times, but never want to be involved again. This is just an analogy of my thoughts on smoking, I hope you are all doing well in Blog land, thankyou for sharing your positives, thoughts, tips etc that have encouraged me and continue to encourage me on my journey. Ill be forever grateful.

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Sep 27 2019



Backward slide, trip up, hiccup, stubbed toe.... call it whatever
There is no reason to be embarrassed, ashamed nor weak if this has happened to You.
Our anonymity on this site, allows us to Be what we are. We are addicts-not of our own choice...
So, if You've fallen down
Be strong, pick up the britches & GO again....
There is only 1 good thing about smoking??!!
That's Quitting....
And all the wonderful things that go with it!!!!
Happy birthday to my wise child! He turns 31 today 🙂🎂
He doesn't cough, he never smoked& I'm so happy for him 🤗
Enjoy Your weekend all
Stay Strong 🙂

GO the Mighty All Blacks 🏆🏉🇯🇵

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Sep 22 2019

1000 days


Today I’m chuffed to have hit 1000 days smoke free. It sure hasn’t been easy, but I’m pleased I made that decision to stop and wish I’d made that decision so much earlier.

This week I made the call to resign from my current job. Some will be aware that I was diagnosed with macular degeneration a wee while back It is a condition which 1 in 7 of us will get. Smokers have 5 times the risk. It’s is frequently knowns as AMD (age-related macular degeneration) as the more birthdays you have the higher the risk. On average those with it are legally blind within 10 years of diagnosis. I’m in my mid 40’s so I feel I’m at least 20 odd years to soon. Thanks nicotine.

Anyway, one eye is now buggered, and like all of us I’ll have bills to pay and a life to live. Earlier this year, I failed the eye test while renewing my drivers’ licence. A visit to the optometrist sorted this wee scare, however, there will be a point in time when I won’t be able to drive. Driving around the countryside selling livestock as a career is also limited. It was a teary discussion (I was a big sook) with my boss as I told him I was leaving to refocus and retrain in a new role. I love my job, so it will be hard to say goodbye.

Everyone is going to get a bad set of cards at some stage, and in the scheme of things my bad set is a lot better than some. We can do things to load the deck in our favour though.

If you are thinking of throwing away the smokes, just do it. It may not be a walk in the park but its definitely better than the not having a go. Anyone that has battled vision loss, cancer or heart disease or any of the other nasties that smoking attracts, would probably agree.

Life is all about choices, they can have consequences.

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Sep 7 2019



Please tell me I'm not the only one who would literally pause a movie halfway through just to have a smoke 😂

It's a little ridiculous when you really think about it.
Like life is about intervals dedicated to smoking.
Wake up, smoke. Eat, smoke. Just arrived somewhere? Smoke. Just about to leave? Smoke. Going to sleep? Smoke.

I can step back now and say, okay. What was I thinking 😐
I find what is getting me through is this exactly.
Stop and really look at the behaviours this nicotine addiction had you doing and really see just how much of a slave it made you. Just how ridiculous it all is. Embarresing even.
The way it had you thinking and feeling. Laugh at it. Say really?!?
Realise you are better than behaving like that.
And now that you are aware, it will be a thousand times worse if you return to it.

I think of this and it carries me through 💜

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Sep 1 2019

Smoking to Vaping Journey


Smokefree days: 42
Total savings: $1,344

Kia Ora,

I use to have 15-20 smokes a day. A lot of friends had made the switch to vaping (mainly to the small one available at BP or Z that rhymes with MALT, with 4% nico). After a few weeks of making the plan to quit one Monday I bought a pack and the vape. I gave myself a week grace period where I could only have that one pack and I could use the vape.

One week later I ran out of smokes and I made the full time switch to vaping. I’m happy to say that I’m 6 weeks in since I quit and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make the change.

My next goal is to change full time to the 0% nico, which I am doing at the moment :)

By all means, please try and quit without the need to switch to vaping, but I hope my experience helps in some way to others considering the switch or going through a similar journey :)

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Aug 27 2019

Still doing well


Firstly well done to everyone who has quit! I may not be much use at commenting on your blogs but I do read them! The success stories are awesome to read. :)

As for me, my total has gone from 5 rollies a day down to 4! I have had 3 so far and know I will most likely have one tonight before bed. I am now going to try and keep it at 4 since I managed to do that today. I have noticed the huge difference in my energy levels and sleep is a bit messed up but I can cope with that. I am not hungering for a smoke like I was when I tried to do cold turkey the last time.

So keeping positive about how it is going. :)

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Aug 25 2019

69 days smokefree


Hey again guys, just wanted to share my excitement from last week of being over 2 months off the smokes! For those just starting out, I want to say that it absolutely gets easier. In the first couple of weeks I was a right cow to everyone, constantly wanting smokes, and begrudging seeing a group smoking on my breaks at work. I can now say that I’m confident that I’ll be off them for good. I even managed to be in a car with someone smoking and didn’t want one. I’m really glad I made the choice to quit 😊

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Aug 24 2019

Cutting back seems to be working


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has commented on my posts and supporting me! I am quite a keep to myself person but thought maybe posting will help and it really does!

I can say yesterday and today I am now down to 5 rollies a day! I am starting to feel comfortable with that and the stress of must have a smoke has really cut down. It may seem strange but I also have noticed I seem to have more energy and wanting to do stuff - not sure if that sounds weird or not lol.

So I am going to keep to my "plan" and one day I will decide to miss a smoke and hopefully then cut down to four as the urge lessens. I am amazed that it is working as I thought only about one third smoking compared to what I have been doing would be really hard but found it isn't. Keeping positive! :)

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Aug 24 2019

Stats Update 413 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 413
Total savings: $3,657

Hey everyone!
Remember me??? (It's ok if you say no lol :-)

Just checking in and catching up with the blogs. Great to see some wonderful blogs from my support crew from last year when I joined Quitline, and lovely to see new people's blogs. Keep up the great work you guys!!!

I'm still going strong and haven't touched a smoke for 1 year, 1 month and 18 days. Yay!!! And I don't intend to ever again :-)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

P.s. I'm enjoying the fact that I no longer have to go outside and stand in the freezing cold to get my nicotine hit anymore. I can stay curled up under my blanket all toasty warm :-)

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