May 12 2020



Hi there it's been a while since my last post. No cigs have touched my lips which I'm so proud of but I'm now hooked on vaping and have to stop. I'm vaping any chance I get though I can go a whole day without vaping if I try....Suggestions?????

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May 1 2020

If your here


If you have decided to give up smoking.

"Your fuking Awesome"

I'm 5 days in & it ain't gonna get me sucked back in. I'm Here for all & anyone or who is trying or will beat this jerty thing. We got this!

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Apr 14 2020



Smoke Free Days: 18
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 126
Money Saved: $157
Total Savings: $157

Hi everyone,

I want to thank those of you who have made the really awesome comments on my previous blog about my feelings using the lozenges. They were really encouraging.

Right now I am also thinking of other stuff to quit and give up on now before, like smoking, it becomes an addiction.

The lockdown period has brought me a key tool to quitting that I've never realized I actually needed.. time and rest while I'm healing. The lozenges are working great and I'm happy to be able to notice the difference it's making for my body.

I haven't thought of a really well put together plan to combat my smoking but the quitline team has made the biggest steps for me which I am grateful for.

Everyone needs support sometimes. I'm thankful I know who to turn to for a logical and results driven approach.

I come from a very different family situation where everyone starts the smoking habit under the age of 16 and some members have suffered terribly from the addiction and other addictions so as you can imagine, my circumstances mean it will be harder for me because of this as it has been, a cycle.

Because of this I see this move for myself as more valuable and worthwhile.

I believe in changing behaviors for the better and I have alot of energy at this time, in myself, to achieve this.

I more or less will be the only non-smoker in my family, apart from my grandmother who is also my namesake. Very special. 😊

I hope everyone is safe, alive and most importantly well.

Best wishes.

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Apr 9 2020

13 days smokefree


Feeling really good. I have recently started using lozenges.. one pack a day.

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Mar 7 2020

Day 2


Hi all! I’ve finally decided (and actively trying) to quit smoking. Im wearing patches which are really helping!

I must say that im finding today ultra hard! I dont feel like socialising or being around people (avoiding triggers) and my mood is so foul. I still dont want a cigarette though because i cant let 2 days go to waste!

Im avoiding a family gathering tonight because im serious about quitting and avoiding temptation.

Please tell me it gets easier! Please tell me its worth it!

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Feb 18 2020

After 4yrs smokefree I fell off the wagon


Well I gave up smoking for 4yrs, after having been a smoker for 24yrs, then I stumbled this xmas and thought I could just have 1pack and I'd quit again...3months later and Im still smoking. Time to quit.

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Feb 12 2020

Day 18


Each day gets easier but the craving for that first smoke with a coffee in the morning is still very present. I am taking it one day at a time and trying to keep myself busy and distracted so I don't succumb to my nicotine addiction. Gotta break this habit and the first step is hitting that 21 day milestone. If I can hit that then I'm sure I will be able to stay auahi kore.

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Feb 5 2020

How To Make This Easier..


Hi People,
I have written blogs on how to make quitting easier over the past 9yrs I’ve been quit, using different analogies and viewpoints and so today I thought I’d write a brief cover plan.

The hardest part to quitting for most folks is in the first month with cravings in the first week hitting hard and the habit of smoking constantly showing through our subconscious, (smoking & not knowing why) a little knowledge in this area will help arm you in preparation to succeed in this quest for freedom.
Whilst there are several means available to adopt to help one quit, the most successful methods for most are printed right here in these quit blogs, provided means & path by Quitline show the same proven & agreeable methods to succeed in quitting tobacco bringing the rewards & putting control back in our hands.
As we know the more effort we put into something the better the results that come from it, so below I will list what works very well, it’s what I did going cold turkey and has been very successful for many people.
If this isn’t for you then feel free to use your own method, (what works for you) as there are several ways to quit but in the end you’ll have to stop putting cigarettes in your mouth in order to actually quit smoking.

What is the best way to stop smoking?
1. Make a plan approx. 30 days in advance of your quit day – Call Quitline on 0800 778-778 to discuss this, order a quit pack,
Digital Plan is here..
2. Start using affirmations daily – I will quit smoking on XXXX date, I will not smoke anymore after the XXXX date. Etc
3. On the day Before you quit - Clean up all smoking paraphernalia, have no signs showing.
4. Stock bottled water in the fridge to keep cool.

On your quit day:
✔ Do not smoke at all… Ever (Remember the 4 D’s)
✔ Stay busy – a busy mind has no time to smoke
✔ Begin use of your NRT if you have chosen to use one.
✔ Participate in these blogs by giving & receiving support. –
Works like magic
✔ Drink more water – Sip water when cravings come on.
✔ Drink less or no alcohol for a while – approx. 30 days.
✔ Avoid being next to individuals who are smoking.- join
them after
✔ Avoid situations where you’d have a strong urge to smoke.
✔ Change your daily routine.

Feel free to Blog here if you need support or call Quitline 0800 778-778
I could break each point into an essay of info sheet here however I’m saving that for my book. It doesn’t really matter which method you use or how you quit successfully, so long as you quit. There are several ways to cook a meal & so long as it’s cooked you will enjoy and benefit from it.
Good Luck Everyone.

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Jan 30 2020

Starting today


Started smoking at 13, almost two decades of a pointless, filthy, money pit of a habit. Really noticed the effects as of late, singing used to be effortless and now I struggle to stay in key. I was asked to sing my brother and fiancee down the aisle, so I'm going to use this an added incentive to finally quit! Looking forward to being Auahi kore. Really appreciate your tautoko.

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Jan 30 2020

Self pressure makes me smoke more


The thought of quitting, and knowing I need to quit for so many reasons is making me want to smoke more! It’s like I’m so disappointed in myself that when I have the ‘I need to quit smoking’ battle in my head, I go light a smoke.

I sit there, I think about people who have achieved goals and I think to myself, I can’t even achieve 1 goal - quitting smoking. Right there is when the disappointment sinks in, and I have a smoke. I think about the mother I could be without smoking and I wonder who I even am without smoking. Sounds crazy?! There are people who wake up one day and just quit. Then here’s me.

I think about loved ones I have lost with cancer battles who were young, healthy, smoke and alcohol free and I wonder what’s the point? My grandmother died of lung cancer and never touched a cigarette or alcohol in her life. She’s just 1 of 3 people I know. But I know smoking is wrong! And I need to stop, and it’s horrible expensive and could kill me. Although it may not cause ME cancer it does affect many things e.g my teeth, my heart yet I still battle with myself everyday.

I getting tired of nagging myself and I am getting tired of the anxious person I am in general without a cigarette. I want to achieve smoking and I want to achieve a goal for once.

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