Aug 24 2019

Cutting back seems to be working


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has commented on my posts and supporting me! I am quite a keep to myself person but thought maybe posting will help and it really does!

I can say yesterday and today I am now down to 5 rollies a day! I am starting to feel comfortable with that and the stress of must have a smoke has really cut down. It may seem strange but I also have noticed I seem to have more energy and wanting to do stuff - not sure if that sounds weird or not lol.

So I am going to keep to my "plan" and one day I will decide to miss a smoke and hopefully then cut down to four as the urge lessens. I am amazed that it is working as I thought only about one third smoking compared to what I have been doing would be really hard but found it isn't. Keeping positive! :)

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Aug 24 2019

Stats Update 413 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 413
Total savings: $3,657

Hey everyone!
Remember me??? (It's ok if you say no lol :-)

Just checking in and catching up with the blogs. Great to see some wonderful blogs from my support crew from last year when I joined Quitline, and lovely to see new people's blogs. Keep up the great work you guys!!!

I'm still going strong and haven't touched a smoke for 1 year, 1 month and 18 days. Yay!!! And I don't intend to ever again :-)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

P.s. I'm enjoying the fact that I no longer have to go outside and stand in the freezing cold to get my nicotine hit anymore. I can stay curled up under my blanket all toasty warm :-)

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Aug 23 2019

Did not last 24 hours


Right I tried the do not light up first thing in the morning and had a lozenge. I will be honest and say I was miserable and it was not going to be an instant I can do this! I need to work out a way to do it my way without doing the cold turkey.

So some may not agree with this BUT I decided to try to cut down instead. I normally would have had about 9 smokes by now (average about 12-14 rollies a day) but managed to only have 3! Yes for some that may mean a fail but to me it is a step in the right direction. I am trying a different approach and it might work or might not. I just know that going cold turkey was not going to happen.

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Aug 22 2019

Some Thoughts


Hello Hello, How are we..
Long time no see.

I came here to grab a copy of the Fruits of Life I posted way back in 2012 for someone who could do with it and thought I would make a blog while here to go with the other 154 blogs Ive done over the years.

What works, whats the easiest way to quit...
*Commitment* - is the easiest way I know to quit.
no point being half arsed about this, its your Life, your health, your breathing, your money, your time.
Once you make that commitment and mean it, then you can learn what to avoid for a little while to make your life easier while quitting, you will learn lots about smoking, infact you will learn more about smoking while you quit than you did in all your years of puffing away.
This knowledge will help keep you Aware of what you're doing and Why you feel like you do sometimes.

You will understand that inside yourself you will become 3 people at the same time..
1: Who you are now, wanting to succeed, wanting to quit.
2: Who you want to be, how you see yourself in future, smokefree and knowing whats right and good for you.
3: Who you used to be - Your old self, telling you its ok to smoke, nobody will know, just one more is alright, why dont you quit next week...
That person is the damaging one, thats your subconcious telling you lies cos thats what you fed it for a long time and now it feed that same info to you.

Yes, you need to change How you see this.
You need to change what is acceptable and what isn't
You need to take control, be determined and make that COMMITMENT.

What if I told you how to get $7,000 a year and better health, more time on your hands, a happier outlook, easier breathing and a better life in general on many fronts.. Now would you make that commitment to quit smoking.
Anytime you think im misleading you, just ask any of the successful ppl here, I know they'll tell you the same thing.
What would you give to quit smoking..
What would you sacrifice to be free from the addiction and have more money Every year...

So what are you waiting for.
See yourself winning and its yours, take it now.
Make that commitment, take control, be YOU the you that you want to be (smokefree) and you will find all the strength you need inside yourself, lots of guidance & ideas here, come here and blog Daily as this place does help.
Read other successful members blogs, I have lots to help you, best you read way back tho.
Good luck ppl, you really can do this,
Cheers ✔

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Aug 22 2019

Lasted three weeks when I did try to quit


Well I am going to try again. I lasted three weeks before I went back to smoking for about the last six months. The reason being because I love to smoke. Yeah it is addiction I know! The crazy thing is I ended up smoking more than I did before I quit.

Tonight I wanted a smoke and thought no I will suck on one of those nicotine thingies. Yup I still have them months later sitting there haha. So you might get plenty of written spam from me but I am trying everything I can to work towards my goal.

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Aug 12 2019

Day one today


Kia ora! today is my first day of a new life and being smokefree again, Im feeling good although nervous about my cravings but have a plan in place. Would love some positive supportive talk on here

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Aug 8 2019



Back in, again!!
Nothing really new to report, except this break is full of Nothing! Giving Me, some My time..
Enjoying domestication...
Should try this more often!
Stay strong newbies...
Each trip up, is an opportunity to strengthen Your resolve& learn...
How did that happen?
This is what I'll TRY, next time that happens
Eventually-Your Quit will come
And the Pride that comes with that-never goes away..
Use whatever aids You need, keep Your eyes on the prize, believe You can (cos U CAN)
Stay Strong 🙂

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Aug 5 2019

Weekend Fail


Ah so the weekend has been done and gone.. I tried to have the willpower but I cracked Saturday night! Only having 4 mind due! I don’t know why I had another one after the first puff because it was disgusting! I just loved the hit I got! But I’m not dwelling on the fact I had one. I did it and I’m moving on and I’m not craving one!

I am still going to class myself as smoke free! Here’s to week 2!

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Aug 1 2019

4 Days Complete


Sleeping; anyone else had serious trouble sleeping a solid sleep when first giving up? I’m restless, wake up multiple times through out the night with the serious drys and I wake up foul.. itching for a cig. However once I put my patch on my mood definately improves. Could be placebo knowing I have that safety net and knowing I’m getting nicotine. But I couldn’t be more thank ful for it. Yet to resort to the gum.

Thanks for the tips for the weekend; I have to head home to see the parents and work for them however everyone smokes at home! Thinking about taking a vape just in case I have a weak moment! But I feel I am strong enough to tackle it!

Hope everyone has a had a wonderful smokefree day and happy August everyone!

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Jul 31 2019

End of the 3rd Day


Hump day of the work week. I’m usually pretty pumped about this but anxiety is starting to creep in about my first weekend smoke free. So many spare hours to fill in.

But on a positive note I feel the 3 days I have done I’m doing ok. Keeping busy the house hasn’t been so clean! How crazy how much extra time you have!

Thank you all for commenting and supporting me all my journey. The encouragement is amazing! I love reading everyone’s blogs and seeing all the achievements!

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