Jul 8 2018

Stats Update 35 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 35
Total savings: $260
Wow, been so busy at work haven't had the chance to get online, but 35 days, past the month, yeah baby!!!! This time of year on the farm is highly stressful but the triggers just aren't there anymore, I'm actually finding I'm dealing with the stress a lot easier without the smokes, feel calmer and more leveled headed. Feeling stronger, healthier and energized every day I am smoke free. 😊

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Jul 7 2018

Todays my week


One week today! Woop. Each day that passes is an a achievement, today just feels that much extra. Hehe. So much stronger than I have been in many past attempts of going through this, I was never strong enough to last a day. Those on the same journey as me, you got this, your stronger than you think take back your will power and that control back of your mind! It's possible! Those that are further in to their quit journey, your an inspiration to us, be so proud of your huge achievement. Sending positive energy out to all.

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Jun 10 2018

To Bub44 All Members


Hi Bubs, I remember you, like me your profile pic is still the same. Lol
It’s so good to see the successful & experienced members here like yourself, for it is us that shines the light on the pathway for new members.
You say you’ve joined a Facebook page where some of the old timer quit folk have gone to…
Where is that.. Please tell.
Don’t worry about the rules here, there are none and I know that there’s only 1 staff member moderating the blogs during weekends, obviously that’s not being done either. (No response to my blog)
Clarence, Thank you sweety, I wasn’t aware things went That bad, but at least there’s still time for me to see what can be done to fix the issues and turn this place around.
Pop’s .. OMG Really, after 6 weeks of providing feedback to them did many issues get ironed out?
Obviously not enough because you gave up in frustration.
If that was only 1 person, yea that be understandable but it’s Not only 1 person is it.. it’s Everyone.
Maori Gurl, Yes that’s the safe bet smart move, copy your comments or blog to a ‘Word’ document before posting, just in case. Until this place is sorted that will have to be the safe bet. I’ve been saved twice with that method in the last hour already and I’ve only posted 3 things.
Good on you Gurl & yes I feel your frustration too. 👍
If other ppl are using other sites including Facebook groups, Please.. Do Tell, help each other and post them in the comments here, that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

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Jun 10 2018



Hi Aunty.. Hahaha
You're not really my Aunty but 'NT' almost cuts it. Hahaha
I was just reading older blogs, way back last August there were web site changes and you called me, there were issues & not the best by the sounds of it, things are slow here now, the excitement has been tamed or changed somehow and then I read a comment by you, 'Ady can you fix this'.. Hahahaha
I could of but would need to know exactly everything they've done or access to Admin rights but thats no guarantee I'd be any quicker than they fixed it.
Now that I've found whats happened here... This is gonna take a while to grow back to what we had, I think we've lost members thru web site frustration and will take a "Maniac" to bring it back, (I know you're looking at me Hahaha) 😁
Changes have gotta happen & I don't know how just yet.

But... How is everyone finding this web site now.. any issues?
Yes, I wanna see comments or I can't help you all.
To see only 2 or 4 comments on ppls blogs is .. well,... Sad.
We used to have between 6 & 20 per blog.
Wheres the spirit, wheres the love, wheres the Magic.. C'mon guys..

Quitline.. How many active members you got signed up on here now?
Yes, I want an answer or I will email you direct.

Oh to see my name called out a few times while I've been away... Shoulda been "LOUDER"
Sorry guys but I was busy playing the role as IT Tutor at Advanced Training Centre for a few years. (Loved that job, was soooo Cool & Damn Redundancy)

Do I have to go back to writing my Quit Smoking Book, I never did finish that.
Looking at self employment opportunities, have even started looking at coaching, (life coach)
Ya know,.. this energy I have inside of me,.. Yea, it doesn't stop.
Had some friends rename me one day .. 'ADHD' 😵.. Cheeky sods.

Something has definitely changed here and being in NZ, My home... Yea we can do better, we're Kiwis, we ARE the Leaders, we are the best, don't believe me.. Just ask Me.
FIG JAM ( F*** I'm Good, Just Ask Me )

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May 3 2018

Stats Update 64 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 64
Total savings: $1,280

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Apr 30 2018



My first day did not go to well as you can see . I had a packet of smokes on me already . I used the patch this morning but did not give me so much of relief . I have the packet of gum had one but i thought i would thorw up after chewing it at first it taste like regular gum latter it stings the mouth and burns any suggestions and were is the best place to apply the patch and anything that can be done to avoid the taste in the mouth . I would like to say i feel better as normally i would smoke around 30 a day but controlled and kept it till 7 hope it gets better .

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Apr 23 2018

1st of May my first day smoke free


Well, it’s here now the last week of smoking. Feeling like it’s time now, I’ve been back and fourth for years. All I can say is I may have failed but, one thing I haven’t failed is I’ve never given up giving up...
So this time again me and my partner are doing it together and have decided enough is enough. On Saturday our last smoker friend will leave NZ for good. So sad, but on th plus side we then know no smokers. So, we are left with our non-smoking friends, this is like a new lease on life. We have no excuses now. Our usual cause for relapse was having drinks with our smoker buddies after 3 months or so quit then the old “i’ll just have one puff” scenario would kick in. Then slowly but surely we would dive back in.

So, I won’t come in here much as it makes me think of smoking where I just want to leave it behind. But I am posting to say here I am! I’m vulnerable as hell but I’m ready for this.

I’ve just celebrated my 29th birthday, started smoking on my 16th birthday, and the years of smoking have just added up.
I want to enter my 30’s smoke free and healthy. I’m very fit have lost 20kgs this past year and look healthy and young for my age. I want to experience fitness without being breathless.

I wake up and have a green tea with a healthy breakfast a tense workout session and then garnish my healthy morning with deadly smoke. It feels so out of place in my life and so against what I’m abouf “health”. So, quitting really embodies my true essence my true values and will make me feel true rather than false.

I do have an affinity with smoking and it is a huge part of who I have been and will be a challenge to stop. But for the above reasons this time, is the last time I’m going on this merry go round. I can feel my health starting to slip, my cough is getting rough and I’m more phlegmy than I have been in recent years.

I get puffed out quicker and just fear cancer like the plauge!
I am quitting one the 1st of May and 29 is my year of embracing life, health should not be taken for granted I really get that it’s all we really have. Without it and you f***** so let’s get on with it!

Done and done.

I’ll drop back in after 30 days I think.. maybe sooner.

By for now.

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Apr 18 2018

I can


I have been smoking for 15 years. I tried to stop but going back to buy a packet without even knowing. The reason for the last packet i brought was I sow a old lady (probably 75 years old) driving a car with a cigarette on. If she can have that fun why I cant ??. But now I'm smoke free for a week. feels good. I don't wanna smoke anymore.

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Apr 5 2018

1st quit day January 6th 2018


Smokefree days: 89
Total savings: $1177

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Mar 29 2018



I've tried the patches the gum etc etc and nothing worked. I tried an ecig and have not had a smoke in over two years. Why don't quitline promote ecig a viable stop smoking aid. It's the Only think that worked for me and I know countless others who have switched to vaping. If quitline really wants people to stop smoking they would be pushing the most successful stop smoking aid in history but E-cigs seem to be public enemy number one with quitline. Why???

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