Jan 19 2019

So far so good


So far i am 5 days smokefree and i feel great! I was to the point where i was just so over smoking so i think youve really got to want to stop mentally rather then doing it because you have to. (Thats just my opinion) i think after youve come to the point of quitting, then setting goals as you quit really helps. Eg. Your saving more so what could i start putting that money towards? Im gaining more weight should i start going to the gym and get fit? Little things like that. I havent really had withdraw symptoms yet (fingers crossed it stays that way but im prepared if i do get them). I have been wearing 1 patch a day (putting it on in the morning and taking it off before bed) and been given chewing gum but have only had 1 piece a day before bed. Last night was my first night not having any before bed. Im going to stick to the patches and just gradually go to lower dosages until i dont need any anymore. If someone was to tell me i had to stop for health reasons or it got to the point where i couldnt afford it, i think i would struggle more because its the thought of "i definitely cant have one" rather then having the option "do i want a ciggy? Na im good." I bought a packet of taylies to sit in my lounge knowing if i want one i have access and the option to it but if i didnt have that option i may crave it more? Thats what im thinking anyway... one day i will either throw that packet out or give it to someone who i know still smokes. If you have any questions feel free to comment on here and remember this is all just my opinion on it and the way its helped me. Id love to hear what ways other people used, what their opinions are ect.

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Nov 29 2018

Slipped up


20th of febury I started my quit smoking journey, It has been rough to say the least, especially in the early stages.
8 months or so down the track I completely fucked up with weakness and lite a cigarette after having a fight with my patner. That was last Thursday evening. As I site in my porch smoking a cigarette I realise its Thursday and that one cigarette has now turned into a week of smoking. So as the week ends and monday rises I will start my quit journey again. Give me the strength to over come my addiction.

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Nov 14 2018

Not allowed anymore nicotine gum


My hunii quit in January this year, but he still needs the gum or else he'll be tempted to have a cigarette. The quitline refused him anymore gum a couple of months ago and then he started going to the chemist. Now the chemist has told him he has to go elsewhere.

I think that whatever an individual needs to quit is different to the next and if he needs lots of gum then why cant they help him and give him that? Atleast hes NOT smoking...He is having way more then the recommended, BUT thats what he needs! I'm just glad he still hasn't had a smoke, and he's coming around to one year.

Does anyone know why they're limiting the amount of gum they will give him and have any tips for me to help my hunii?

I do think he needs to try and get off the gum, but then it's his quit and i dont wanna put too much pressure on him before hes ready and force him back into smoking because hes just not ready to quit his gum. He used to be a VERY heavy smoker and so this is amazing that he has managed to quit and stay quit this long.

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Oct 16 2018

First day, my journey to a healthy lifestyle


I've just finished my last smoke, I usually smoke up to 10 rollies a day and I need to stop ! I can do this, my mind is set for a better life style. I am proud of myself to getting the help I need . I can do this, I can do this, I AM DOING THIS !

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Aug 27 2018

Stats Update 85 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 85
Total savings: $631
Wow!! Haven't been on here for sometime as when your work 18hr days, eat, sleep, work is all you can manage lol. Thrilled at this stat, had a few moments in times of immense stress to go buy a pack, breathed and reminded myself what it was all for and the mood passed very quickly.

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Aug 5 2018

Changing for my health


So me and my partner have decide to give it a good try in quitting smoking. Ive had a headstart and went cold turkey been 7days now and I finally got some gum, losenges and patches on Friday gone so my partner can use them as he struggled more than me. This will be his 2nd full day in quitting and hes doing such a great job im so proud of him but no pressure on him as I dont want him to stress out too much. I feel fine right now, I actually gave up because I had broncitus and the thought of having a cigarette while I was sick made me feel even worse so I just thought mayswell stop completely as the days ticked on. I often feel like have just one but I dont want to ruin my streak. I guess its like a competition for myself to see how far I can get for now but realisticly I want this to be permanent. My story is probably the same as alot of the others which is ok for me, I know I am doing this for myself and my kids and to show my partner it can be done and just to follow me and I will help him also on this journey, but also this is more for me so I am no longer longing for something thats gross and Im anoyyed the prices keep going up lol. So this is our journey and I hope my blog has given some inspiration or whatever. Like Dory says “just keep swimming” peace out

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Aug 4 2018

Life is to short


Thinking of my kids and how its going to effect them

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Jul 26 2018

Been smoking still need 2 quit


So since I started on the 20th of July with today being 6 days since. I fully failed it due to cravings today I've had two rookies and two taylies and well at the end and during in still not happy with the activity. I'm not even interested in it but what I've seen other write is that the nicodemon is real. And well I've had enough of him possessing my mind. Sick of this. Well I'm not giving up my partner returns and that's going to challenge me but I'm going to be back in here to say how tonight goes I got to get through tonight with delaying and deep breathing distracting with gum. And drink the damn water. This ain't easy but what the frick. It should be just enough. Good luck for me see y'all later on. Got to get through the night. Reset? Advice be good ladies and gents. Far out.

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Jul 26 2018

Train of Life


For those who want to know, this is how the Quit Train got started way back on 20th Nov 2011.
We had so much fun, may ppl participated in this imaginary train ride to help us all stay on track with our quitting, I think it actually helped us all, anyway here goes...

Some folks ride the train of life
Looking out the rear,
Watching miles of life roll by,
And marking every year.

They sit in sad remembrance,
Of wasted days gone by,
And curse their life for what it was,
And hang their head and cry.

But I don't concern myself with that,
I took a different vent,
I look forward to what life holds,
And not what has been spent.

So strap me to the engine,
As securely as I can be,
I want to be out on the front,
To see what I can see.

I want to feel the winds of change,
Blowing in my face,
I want to see what life unfolds,
As I move from place to place.

I want to see what's coming up,
Not looking at the past,
Life's too short for yesterdays,
It moves along too fast.

So if the ride gets bumpy,
While you are looking back,

Go up front, and you may find,
Your life has jumped the track.

It's all right to remember,
That's part of history,
But up front's where it's happening,
There's so much mystery.

The enjoyment of living,
Is not where we have been,
It's looking ever forward,
To another year and ten.

It's searching all the byways,
Never should you refrain,
For if you want to live your life,
You gotta drive the train!

I have been Quit for 7 Years, 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 15 hours and 11 minutes, I have Not smoked 70,490 cigarettes & i haven't wasted $39,779.96 Which means i have also made better use of 8 Months, 2 Days, 18 hours and 10 minutes smoking time.
Cheers Everyone.

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Jul 25 2018

To succeed at Quitting


I see today people asking and querying the same questions..
We all know that quitting smoking is difficult, hence we have Quitline and support blogs,
I know my blogging skills are a little rusty but will say what I’m thinking anyway.
No-one can do this for you, you have to do the work yourself, all the info needed is right here inside these blogs, grab the info and follow the instructions, that’s all you gotta do.
It’s kinda like the mechanic who throws up his arms and says…
“I couldn’t fix your brakes so I made the horn louder.”
Well we can’t do the quitting for you but we can make the instructions bigger, easier, more prominent etc.
Quitting is a Lifestyle choice, in order to succeed at one of lifes most difficult addictions (tobacco) you will need to make some changes or sacrifices and easy changes to make too, what sacrifices will you give to succeed at this, what about things like… swap smoking for exercise, chewing gum, spending more time with family, cooking new dishes, grooming your car inside & out so it shines so bright you need sunglasses.
it’s at this point you remove the bumper sticker that reads.. “Horn Broken, watch for Finger”
How hard of a change is that, would you do it? .. Would you be happy about it and would you stick with it for years?
Well that’s what’s coming to all those that succeed, you can’t expect to do the same habits changing nothing except the smoking and expect a winning result.
As we know it’s the early days are the hardest, the 1st week, the 1st month, what to do under stress, what about drinking.. my friends,.. they smoke.. so now what.
Start at the beginning,.. Be FIRM in your decision, no if’s, No buts, No maybe’s.. you Have to be Definite 100% you have to want this, even though you know the 1st week is by far the hardest for most of us, and the 1st month is also hard but not as hard as the 1st week, you WILL need to keep your guard up “At ALL TIMES” during this month.
You Need something on your fridge door, you need a tangible reminder/instruction.
I found a Quitline fridge magnet helped me most, you know.. the 4 D’s
Drink water
Do something
Deep breathe
The top 2 worked best for me that’s all I needed.
Clean up, get rid of all smoking paraphernalia, No ashtrays, matches, papers, lighters packets.. Anything smoking related get rid of it. Why keep it when you don’t smoke anymore.
Within your 1st week most ppl will go thru some pretty strong & wild changes, your sense of smell will come back, you’ll be able to smell a smoker from miles away, you’ll be able to smell dinner cooking from work, Hahahaha
Energy, a lot of ppl suddenly gain an enormous amount of energy but don’t know what to do with it, CLEAN.. Clean your house top to bottom or car, this helps get rid of the smoke smell too,
Exercise.. it’s important to exercise somewhat, more than a smoker does now, I know that majority of smokers don’t exercise but now you do cos you don’t smoke, this will help you sleep better and longer amongst other good things it does for you.
Sleep patterns may change for a while, lots of ppl go thru a period of only sleeping for around 3 – 4hrs a night, wake up tired but can’t sleep, you wonder how you get thru your days like this.. sooo tired but still can’t sleep, well its Temporary, your sleep pattern will come back and that’s one way you know you’re past the addiction. (can take months but you’ll be fine)
Breakfast: You probably don't eat breakfast but you Do Now, these are the changes you need to make.
Blogs: A very important part of this journey is blogging, I have found that its equally important to be a supportive blogger as it is to write your blogs, giving positive supportive comments improves your communication skills and gives you a strong stand mentally, don’t ask me how.. just Do it, be here Every Day, Read blogs & support ppl, look for the positives.. it works.
Cravings: the Big one.. Cravings. When cravings or urges hit you, Do something, a busy mind can’t think about smoking, cravings only last a few minutes if that, all you have to do is take your mind off smoking for 5 or 10 minutes max and it’ll be gone, the more you do this the less those cravings come back, each and every day gets easier slowly slowly day by day the cravings decrease, the thoughts decrease, the desire to smoke slowly diminishes but ONLY if you stay on track, I used to chew gum, ‘Airfresh’ gum was my fav, still is, its harmless, non addictive, cheap and helped me with something my mouth could do instead of smoking.
It only takes 3 puffs on a smoke and guess where you’ll be.. Yep right back at the beginning for 3 days, it takes 72hrs to get that Nicotine out of your system so 3 puffs or whatever it takes to get that dizzy head-buzz and then its 72hrs of cravings and ‘I wanna smoke so baaad’
This part here.. Yea, this is what you wanna get a Good grasp on, this is the ‘NTAP’ part that is essential.
Theres a free e-book on https://whyquit.com/joel/index-ebook.html Very powerful tool and there’s Tons of free info to help you at www.whyquit.org All you gotta do is read, how hard is that, you wanna win, that’s what you gotta do.
Information/knowledge is the cement that keeps you grounded firmly in the right place, there’s info there that will give you solid reasoning to refuse those cravings 24/7 and do like I did, I just followed what other successful people before me did.
Arm yourself with knowledge, make a plan and Blog Daily you will win.
Good Luck Everyone.

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