May 31 2020

Where is everybody


It's so good to see the stats being posted for World Smokefree Day but there must be so many more to come.
It would be good to see the stats of the people who are just starting out. They are just as important as the stats of those who have been quit for several years. We all know what a difficult undertaking it is and everyday is an important milestone.
Please share as we are all in this together no matter how long we have been SMOKEFREE. Each day is a conquest to be proud of.
Happy World Smokefree Day everyone.

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May 31 2020

Stats Update 3560 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,560
Total savings: $49,840

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May 28 2020



Just wondering if we are going to post our stats on 31 May to mark WORLD SMOKEFREE DAY. as has been done in the past.

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Apr 9 2020

Stats Update 3508 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,508
Total savings: $49,112

I had hoped to post this on 1st April when my total was 3500 Smokefree days.
Sadly the message would not post.
I gave up in despair.
How's everyone coping with Lockdown. I was so concerned that no-one was posting. I am so happy that everything seems to be back to normal now.

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Dec 23 2019

Stats Update 3400 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,400
Total savings: $47,600

I couldn't resist sharing my stats.
Have an awesome SMOKEFREE Christmas everyone.
If you're just starting out, believe me I know how scary it is, but don't be afraid. Make a plan, and give it your best shot.
Stay safe on the roads, and remember NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)

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Sep 14 2019

Stats Update 3300 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,300
Total savings: $46,200

I like all these nice round figures

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Sep 1 2019

A Thought about Vaping


Until last week I regarded vaping as a tool to help smokers quit.

Then I met a young person (say mid-late 20's) who was vaping. Assuming he was on a quit journey I asked how long had he been smoking and was the vaping helping with his quit.
To my astonishment he told me he had never smoked tobacco.
He was vaping because he'd suffered a lot of stress lately and it was trendy to vape these days.
I am now wondering if we are simply replacing one harmful habit with another.
I appreciate the way it has helped so many smokers to become SMOKEFREE, but to Vape because it's Trendy?

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Sep 1 2019

Stats Update 3287 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,287
Total savings: $46,018

9 years ago today I kicked the Nicodemon out of my life.
He still hovers around occasionally but I'm certain he will never be part of me again.
I was wedded to cigarettes. I would go absolutely NOWHERE without them (yes even to the toilet) My family new that if my smokes and matches were in sight I would not be far away.
What a journey. I used to feel as if I was attempting the impossible. I envied all the bloggers who could say they were SMOKEFREE for a month, (at first even a fortnight) but it happened for me too.
I remember the adrenaline rush when I suddenly realised that I had gotten through an entire day without thinking of my cigarettes. That moment was sheer bliss.
If you're just starting out, don't give up at your first setback. Mark the occasion as a learning experience and press on.
Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE day everyone and no matter what stage of the journey you're on, it really does get easier as time goes by.

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Jun 23 2019

The next Step


I have turned a page in my COPD Journey

After an early morning ride to hospital by ambulance, and a week of assessment, I am home again with the need to have Oxygen at night, and sometimes during the day.
I thought I would dread the day, but to be honest I feel better than I have for quite some time. I was constantly fighting to move around previously and life wasn't very comfortable. At last I can move again. It has to be good.

I noticed a change in the hospital too. People have realised how difficult it is to quit smoking and treat those who had just begun their quit journey with much more respect and compassion.

It is almost 9 years since I quit in 2010, and I am so glad I put my fears of failure aside and gave it a go.

Come on all you people who are still thinking you can't quit. Shake off your most stubborn streak, use NRT if you would like to and go for it.

Drugs alone will not turn off your desire to smoke. They help, but the drive to quit is in our hearts. Give it a go.

Life is so good for me now that I am SMOKEFREE.

I recommend it to everyone.

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May 31 2019

Stats Update 3194 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,194
Total savings: $44,716

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