Welcome to the blog house rules.

Sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting support should be a fun thing to do, so here are some guidelines to ensure the blogs are friendly and community-spirited.

The blogs are provided for the support and encouragement of people as they quit smoking.

There are four basic principles that we ask everyone to follow when posting to the blog. The principles are to make sure that everyone can have a supportive, safe and fun time.

The four basic principles for using our blogs are:

1. Positivity

Please be positive in your posts. This site is designed to be encouraging and supportive. Negative or offensive blogs may be declined. Please be aware that jokes don’t always come across as you might have intended and that others may not always share your point of view.

2. Anonymity

Please don’t provide or ask for personal details. This is for your own safety because we can’t guarantee what others will do with your details. We want everyone to be safe. We allow the posting of email addresses but remember that this will be posted publicly and you will be responsible for removing the address if you need to have it removed.

3. Objectivity

Please don’t continuously promote a particular brand (this includes websites) or commercial venture. Feel free to talk about what worked for you or any other ideas you hear about, but remember that if your posts looks like you are advertising a product or service, it will be declined.

4. Discretion

If you have a complaint about a product or service, please contact that provider directly rather than talking about them in the blog. Your blog will be declined if it is talking about the moderation decision declining a blog.


To ensure the blogs adhere to these principles our team of Online Advisors moderate and approve each post. Please note the following:

  • Due to the manual moderation process there may be some delay before a blog is declined. This means your blog may be deleted even if it has been published and other comments have been added to it. Comments may be deleted along with the original post even if they abide by the house rules. We may also moderate the blog by removing any mention of specific product names.
  • The blog is a forum to support people quitting smoking and prevent relapse. Any blog posted for any other purposes may be declined.
  • If for any reason we don’t have the resources (translation related or otherwise) to moderate a blog it will be declined.
  • Your posts should be clear and easy to understand, and to a reasonable length – under 500 words.
  • If you believe that a blog post contains something which could be copyright, defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful, please contact the quit.org.nz team by using the report an issue link at the top of the post page.
  • While we try to ensure links to external sites are safe, these links may change over time. Please be aware that using these links are at your own discretion. If you know that a link contains material which is defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful, please contact quit@quit.org.nz as soon as possible.

Blog timeout limit

The Quitline blogs feature a 90 minute timeout limit. This limit is in place as a standard security feature to ensure your profile does not remain open if you leave a page open for longer than 90 minutes.

We do understand that our bloggers sometimes like to write long posts, or may be diverted away from a post, so we do apologise if you have lost a post or comment after exceeding the 90 minute timeout period.

We are still investigating ways to ensure your content is saved after a timeout. In the meantime, if you are composing a long post we suggest you either write it in another programme then paste it into your blog window. Alternately if you have written a long post on the site we suggest you copy it before selecting Post.

If you have any questions or concerns about the timeout limit, please email quit@quit.org.nz

Please be aware that the views and opinions posted in this forum/blog may not reflect those of Quitline.