Nov 25 2019

Stats Update 1919 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 1,919
Total savings: $38,242

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Jul 25 2017

Welcome back blogger Whanau!


Sorry about that. So... we've had a good look at the things we noticed about the blogs when the new site went live, and what some of you alerted us to.

There were some usability issues (nicknames are now sorted, quit plans are as they should be and avatars are starting to appear, see below for details) but we checked and double-checked and there definitely weren’t cases of other people being able to see things they shouldn’t.

We’ll keep an eye on things, of course. But, if you find anything else you don't think is working properly, we encourage you to please send an email to us at and we'll investigate.

Thanks again to those of you who got in touch – much appreciated. Now blog on!

Blog nicknames:
We’ve updated the site to ensure you set a blog nickname before making any new posts or comments. If you see your name anywhere on the site you don’t think you should, let us know. The new site looks a bit different than the old.

Quit plan errors:
Some of you didn’t see your quit plan when you logged in. Don’t worry! We still have your plan and the plan you saw was just an example we had in the system. Your quit plan should be back now – but please let us know if you have any further issues.

Avatars are still being migrated from the old site to the new site. They should all be visible within 24 hours. Let us know if you still have an issue.

Quit start/achievement dates
Some of you might have seen an incorrect Quit start date or Achievement details. Don’t worry! We didn’t lose your information and you weren’t seeing someone else’s data. We have finished updating all your quit stats on the new site from the old site. Your achievements should appear once you log in again. Let us know if you still have issues.

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Oct 14 2017

Who would have thought


Smokefree days: 2,600
Total savings: $33,800

Never thought it was possible but here I am. 49 years of being a smoker and now SMOKEFREE for just over 7 years. It can be done Newbies. I love my numbers today.

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Dec 20 2018

Christmas Wishes


Smokefree Days 1612
Cigarettes NOT Smoked 32,2450
Total Savings $29,983

Hi everyone. Had to pop in to wish all my fellow Quitters, both old and new, a safe, happy and smokefree Christmas.
I remember my first Smokefree Christmas had quite a few challenges - but i learned that the tools i used to make it there, worked as well at Christmas as at any other time.......
4 D's delay, deep breaths, drink water and distraction.
NOPE not one puff ever
ODAAT one day at a time.
The support on these blogs.
It was a great smokefree Christmas - and i'm still as buzzed to be smokefree this Christmas.
It can be done, so hold tight to your determination and focus and have a wonderful Festive Season.
And remember....
We are all fabulous and strong
Stay Quitsafe
Love & hugs xoxo

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Sep 30 2019

1 Month down and feeling positive


I cant believe I've made to my one month birthday, wahoo, I sure am feeling good, of course there have been times where I wanted to pick up a smoke, there have been times I've felt down, frustrated and thought it would be so easy to just give in. The biggest thing is I DIDNT, I HAVENT, so I am feeling empowered. Thankyou to everyone that supports me, I really appreciate reading the blogs. Hope you are all well.

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Oct 5 2019

50 days so far


That's a total of 500 grams of baccy I would have smoked. Still struggling, it's not easy after 62 years of smoking.

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Sep 1 2019

Stats Update 3287 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 3,287
Total savings: $46,018

9 years ago today I kicked the Nicodemon out of my life.
He still hovers around occasionally but I'm certain he will never be part of me again.
I was wedded to cigarettes. I would go absolutely NOWHERE without them (yes even to the toilet) My family new that if my smokes and matches were in sight I would not be far away.
What a journey. I used to feel as if I was attempting the impossible. I envied all the bloggers who could say they were SMOKEFREE for a month, (at first even a fortnight) but it happened for me too.
I remember the adrenaline rush when I suddenly realised that I had gotten through an entire day without thinking of my cigarettes. That moment was sheer bliss.
If you're just starting out, don't give up at your first setback. Mark the occasion as a learning experience and press on.
Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE day everyone and no matter what stage of the journey you're on, it really does get easier as time goes by.

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Mar 3 2015

My own Mt Everest CONQUERED

Smokefree days: 365 days
Grams NOT smoked: 3650
Total savings: $5,124.00

This summit, for so many years, seemed impossible to reach, so much so that I firmly believed I was one of a handful of addicts for whom recovery was hopelessly unachievable.

I’d watched smoking destroy my Mother, robbing her of her health, then her life, at 58 years of age. This was such a huge loss for me, the grief over losing my best friend and soul mate was overwhelming. I felt angry that she had not tried harder to quit smoking, to be there for me, for my son, who had lost his loving, devoted Nan, and that my unborn baby would never get to meet her or know her huge capacity to love.

It was not long after the birth of my second son that I joined this blogging community – I was desperate, lost and felt so alone. I’d realised that it wasn’t a matter of “trying harder” to quit smoking. It was a battle of wills – and the addict in me was clearly in charge. Here I found solace, I wasn’t alone! Here I found inspiration, following the journeys and successes of others just like me. Here I received the most amazing, unwavering, non-judgemental support.

I don’t know how many attempts there were. How many times I fell and struggled to get back up. ALWAYS, my quit family stood by me, picked me up and dusted off my bum. Time and time again, year after year.

My quit family believed in me when I had lost all hope, you supported me through some terrifyingly dark days, you refused to give up on me even though I had given up on myself. I made friends here, cyber friends, but friends in the true sense of the word. I only wish I had friends like these out here in the real word – oh, what I could achieve!

Still, this milestone, these stats, is my biggest achievement ever (even tops delivering my second son, all by myself, at home, after an incredibly quick labour!). Mum’s passing and the emptiness that she left behind was the catalyst for me to keep trying but I could never have done it without you guys.

Now, I stand here absolutely bursting with pride, having planted MY flag in this new territory – no longer chained to smoking. I am FREE. I DID IT!!!

And believe me when I say, if I can do it, you can too! NEVER STOP BELIEVING!

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Sep 1 2017

7 years today


7 years ago today I made the most difficult but rewarding decision of my life. After 49 years of smoking I would quit.
I was in hospital at the time, and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of going outside to smoke and figured that I owed it to everyone to stop smoking.
It was hard going at first, especially when I got home and was among smokers again, but as time wore on, I experienced all the advantages of being smokefree and I knew I wouldn't go back. I still have days when I would "kill" for a smoke, but I know that one puff would see me back to being a smoker and as a COPD sufferer I cannot afford to go there.
I found it is better to take each smokefree moment as a triumph. Slowly but surely the figures mount up. The savings are phenomenal and I have regained my self esteem. It was definitely the best decision of my life. Remember ODAAT and NOPE.

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Jul 15 2018



7 years today, my beloved Dad passed to the next world. So, it was seven years ago I said "that's enough, I'm chucking this addiction under the bus"
It took another 5+ months to sort out my pathway.
With intense conviction & a personal self-promise, to 'only be doing this ONCE' I started my journey.
You really don't know what lies ahead, it can get pretty rough & it's as well I declared 'only ONCE' because it was this, that has kept me from a relapse! There are moments when I recall the excitement of reward/time out/pleasure, but
I'm super strong in my Quit now. You would have to hold Me down& pump me, like a bellow, to get me on a smoke again! Picture imagine-lol!! It is just NOT worth it.
So Dad, once again-We are here & Yay!!!
We are Free 💖😘💕💖
Happy Sunday all!
& GO Croatia 20years for a turnaround!! 👍👍

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