Was on the vape for 3months doing so well, did so good at the gym, was sleeping great, felt great.... then started smoking again. The whole time I was lying to myself, I hated that vape!!! Got sick of it 🤮🤮 but smoking again after 3months I’ve noticed how it affects my sleeping and energy levels. I’d sleep through the whole day!!! So I decided for the millionth time I gotta quit for real now. I’m studying this semester I need to be productive. I haven’t gone to the gym for 3months now. Been so lazy. I gotta do this. But right Now as I’m writing this; I’m sitting here fighting the urge to drive to the shop and buy rollies, battling whether to spend the money or I may need it for something, looking for half burnt butts in the ashtray.... what am I doing to myself, I’m sick of this ....

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    Samantha said:
    16 March 2020

    Our weakest moments show us how strong we really are... U can always keep trying to kick the habbit, I'm still vaping and I know the feels as it's still not like having a smoke , it's just a new habbit u have to get used to... If u feel like ur vaping to much u might want to try a stronger nicotine or a different device. Best of luck for ur journey