Hope everyone is having a great day 😍 4mths smoke free everyday getting easier ... One step at a time

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    PSPSP said:
    12 March 2020

    Bit like eating an elephant eh Samatha-one bite at a time.

    Great stats and nice positive comment-every day getting easier

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    Samantha said:
    16 March 2020

    Lmao loved the comment like eating a elephant... Ain't that the truth I feel like I'll be chewing on him for the next 10yrs lol

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    JulieB said:
    20 March 2020

    Great to read you're still sticking with it, Samantha. Good on you!

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    Ladylene said:
    07 April 2020

    Nice work Samantha. Thats how you do it .. ODAAT, one small step, one bite until before you know it you look back and that elephant is nowhere to be seen. Keep going !