I missed a key day, Yesterday...
So belatedly, 'Happy Women's Day!' 🤗 Us girls need to look out for ourselves 😉👍
As some of You know, I've booked a special occasion cruise-for Hubby&I. It leaves at Easter....
I've been to see my quack today & it appears, We may not be on it 😢
He used the term 'morbidity' when describing my condition...
then recommend We don't go 😭
Of course, the final decision is Ours....oh my, mixed emotions!!!
Lucky I smoke, no more...or I'd be out at my favoured spot, puffing up a storm...4Ds in play today NOPE 🙏

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    Blondene said:
    09 March 2020

    😢😢💗🌺🌷oh I'm so sorry to hear Nanaturtle I know you would of been looking forward to this...but...you must look after yourself and your health....I'm thinking of you and only want the best for you 💗as always you are my number one Nana be kind to you 😘Love and hugs xxooxB

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    Kathry said:
    09 March 2020

    I’m so sorry the planned trip may jot go ahead. You must do what is best for you and take care of yourself but I know you were looking forward to this. Hugs.

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    Murphy5000 said:
    15 March 2020

    Oh NT I have been wondering about you and your cruise. Take the advice of those that know and keep your self well while this global nightmare resolves itself. We have just had to get our son home urgently From Spain, he gets home later today. Better to be safe than sorry I say. He’ll be self isolating at home so will be an interesting couple of weeks to say the least 😷😷😷