Hey, Im Snouz... Now before i kick off i'd just add that i have smoked everyday since february 2014, thats alot of cigarettes for 6 years (I think?). And i am ready to take the leap into NO NIC... Its a big move, because every time i try quit smoking, One way or another i have a big drag of a ciggy. I hate being a smoker, it makes me feel like theirs no hope or future. But no matter how bad or good my day is going, I take a hit of the leaf...

But its time for a change, time to reclassify what Nicotine really is, Its a lung and pulse compressor made to slow your temperature down to a slow pulse which feels good its also known as a stimulant, to speed messages up from the brain to the body. Its so addictive that you form a buddy with the smoke through mind complex and instantly reflects your mind to live off cigarettes.

The one way out of the cycle is fruit and juice with mouthwash for 14days.
That way you flush all the nicotine out of your system with nourished flavours of goodness, this routine helps to remind you not to smoke aswell...


start today!!!!

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World Smokefree Day

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    Blondene said:
    02 March 2020

    Hi Snouz...you are very knowledgeable on the effects of cigarette smoking...use this knowledge to help you thru your quit it's like having ammo to throw at the addiction...you know with quitting it's very common to have relapses not every successful quit is done on the first attempt...the important thing to do is keep on trying until you succeed...never give up...you know you want this...take it one day at a time use whatever resources you need to help you achieve your goal...I'm here to support and I believe you can break free...here's to your first day!😊👌NOPE!

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    Garlic n salt said:
    03 March 2020

    lovely stay well keep well.