The thought of quitting, and knowing I need to quit for so many reasons is making me want to smoke more! It’s like I’m so disappointed in myself that when I have the ‘I need to quit smoking’ battle in my head, I go light a smoke.

I sit there, I think about people who have achieved goals and I think to myself, I can’t even achieve 1 goal - quitting smoking. Right there is when the disappointment sinks in, and I have a smoke. I think about the mother I could be without smoking and I wonder who I even am without smoking. Sounds crazy?! There are people who wake up one day and just quit. Then here’s me.

I think about loved ones I have lost with cancer battles who were young, healthy, smoke and alcohol free and I wonder what’s the point? My grandmother died of lung cancer and never touched a cigarette or alcohol in her life. She’s just 1 of 3 people I know. But I know smoking is wrong! And I need to stop, and it’s horrible expensive and could kill me. Although it may not cause ME cancer it does affect many things e.g my teeth, my heart yet I still battle with myself everyday.

I getting tired of nagging myself and I am getting tired of the anxious person I am in general without a cigarette. I want to achieve smoking and I want to achieve a goal for once.

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    Ady said:
    29 January 2020

    I have reason to believe that thinking about quitting makes you nervous, nervous is caused by fear of the unknown
    I did say that if this becomes too much to not stress about it so much as when you stress so does the unborn.
    The idea here is to work in steps towards what you want to achieve, do not over-do it, try as much as youre comfortable to even if that means only cutting down the amount you smoke, just cutting down is better than no change.
    My ex couldn't stop while pregnant either so she just cut down on her daily amount, everything turned out great and then 3 months after giving birth she made changes, when it suited her not because of all the knowledge known that its best to quit, we all know that info for years but we still smoked.
    You can only quit when you're ready, you have to "Want" to do this.. The more someone wants to quit the quicker and easier it is.

    In the meantime... drop that pressure because of your pregnancy, take it easy for now, Baby steps for baby success.
    Read up a little about tobacco, learn about what it is, what it does, methods of quitting, just learn about it as you casually take your time slowly and easily cut back from say 25 ciggys a day down to 20 a day, then down to 18 a day, and so on untill you get down to a difficult level.. might be 6 a day who knows.
    Hold that level untill you're ready to go further, don't forget.. anytime you think you really want a smoke.. you can, nobody is gonna stop you.
    No-one is going to growl you, no-one is going to judge you.. We know what its like and what its all about.
    Im so glad you posted a blog explaining your thoughts, do that whenever you need support.
    Awesome.. communication, thats what this is all about.
    Try looking at this site...
    Great to hear from you again Cheers

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    clarence the cat said:
    29 January 2020

    I wholeheartedly agree with Ady.
    This is your life, your quit so you know best. If you can, cut down slowly to begin with.
    Take your time and it will happen because you really want it to.

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    Ady said:
    30 January 2020

    Hi Ineedtoquit
    I just found some info for you right here at quitline
    Just some info for you to look at, No pressure tho.
    Feel free to call quitline on 0800 778-778 anytime you like, they are really nice people to talk to and can help you in whatever you decide.
    Heres the info i found...

    There is tons of info out there on the internet, a whole library at your fingertips.
    Whatever you decide to do we will respect that decision & support you.
    No rush, just when you choose.
    Good luck. 👍

    Hoping you're feeling happier and less pressured today. 😊