Smokefree days: 10
Total savings: $107

I've managed to stay on track - Body & mind still feeling amazing - have stocked the cupboards & fridge with healthy food, $'s normally spent on smokes & some towards bills or savings. I've stopped using the patches & pop a nicotine gum when I feel a strong urge coming on & alternate with a normal sugar free gum. Had quite a few challenges this week where I could've easily succumbed to a ciggy (my go to temporary false stress relief) but I didn't 😊 phew 😏 I tried to remember the D's at one point & could only think of 'stop, drop & roll' lol 🙄 Best compliment I received this week was a client saying I have beautiful skin - I have not heard that in forever. Love how my mouth doesn't taste like an ashtray in the morning as well - even better I haven't had 80 cigs!!! 🙋

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    Blondene said:
    28 February 2020

    Thanks Lee..🤗I feel everyone especially the newbies deserve to feel supported in their quits I know it really helped me coming here so it's nice to give will notice even more changes the further along you go in your quit and how nice to hear you are glowing already 😊 keep up the great work 10 days is awesome and you are nearly two whole weeks!..Just amazing!😊💯🤗Superb!