Smokefree days: 1,462
Total savings: $17,544

4 years yesterday!!
I did remember just didnt log in.

I am super proud of myself as I really thought I would be stuck in the addiction cycle forever.

My advice to those starting is:
Believe in yourself
Never ever quit on your quit, if you slip, relapse (I'm the relapse queen) pick yourself up, readjust your crown & carry on!
Be kind to yourself mentally & physically. Quitting is a big deal so play nice.
Reward yourself regularly with small treats ie: a coffee, get your hair do, movie etc.
Use all the tools available to you. I used patches & these blogs to help me. What works for me may not work for you. So what ever tools you choose embrace them & go for it.

This road is a bumpy one at times, but trust me its so worth it!

Much love Yas01

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    clarence the cat said:
    16 February 2020

    Yahoo Yas01! You have done so well.
    Your blog is so encouraging for the new kids on the block.
    You struggled so very hard, but well earned success did come to you.
    Trust you and yours are well. You little boy must be almost a teenager now.
    Have a wonderful SMOKEFREE day.

  • avatar-icon
    yas01 said:
    16 February 2020

    Hi Clarence,
    thank you for commenting on my post.
    You along with a few others were my cheerleaders, my rock, my inspiration.

    Yes my son is now 13! He has been thru a bit but we are getting there.
    He has lived thru all the earthquakes & it has resulted in sleep anxiety which is hard for all of us.
    He also was diagnosed with dyslexia a few years ago which is a daily struggle.
    But hes at high school & is doing the best he can.

    He was a big part of my quit journey. Remember he made signs & put up on the back door step so I saw when I went out to have a smoke.
    He is very proud of his Mum, now we just need Dad to stop (lol) he has cut back heaps but not quite there yet.

    Clarence lovely to see you on here, you always were a huge supporter on these blogs & its lovely to see that hasnt changed x

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    Pop's said:
    17 February 2020

    Sorry Yas. My Blog would not Post. kept getting error messages.



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    nanaturtle said:
    17 February 2020

    Congrats from me too, Yas
    I remember...
    You made it! Yay 🥂

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    Ady said:
    18 February 2020

    Congrats on 4 yrs YAS
    A W E S O M E
    What an achievement, something to be Real Proud of.. Well done Yas.
    Keep that good spirit going.

  • avatar-icon
    Kathry said:
    09 March 2020

    Well done Yas - you overcame so many challenges and this has been a wonderful achievement. Best wishes.