Kia ora Quit whanau,
Arohamai...long time no visit. Happy Valentines Day for yesterday. A special day for me cos on that day 2 yrs ago .. I quit smoking. I’m still hearty as. Wasn’t always a smooth run. But with constant contact with this group and others. It eventually got better and the more I talked and listened the faster I healed myself from my nicotine addiction. My friends reminded me tonight that it was my 2 yrs anniversary. And my first thought, was this roopu that had done so much for me. Sorry I ain’t been here to tautoko. My last post was after we lost our mum in June last year. Then we lost our dad not long after in August. In my weaker days I would of smoked like a chimney thru those times. But the advice and tips the obiwans in here gave, made me stronger. Stay positive people. Pump those positive vibes ODAT...NOPE
Kia kaha koutou

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    Blondene said:
    14 February 2020

    Hi Maori Girl..a big congratulations on 2 years smokefree and my condolences to you but to remain strong at such a sad and difficult time shows how strong you really are amazing 💗🌺🌹🤗

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    clarence the cat said:
    15 February 2020

    Kia ora Maori Gurl 536
    I am so thrilled to read your post.
    Gosh is it two years?
    Well done.
    It seems it was only yesterday that I read your first post.
    You have surely had lots of heartache to deal with, losing your parents in the last year. That is ever so trying. You have proved your strength by getting through and remaining SMOKEFREE
    My condolences on your loss..
    I am sure you can look forward to a brighter and healthier SMOKEFREE life.
    You have my deepest respect.

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    Nancy said:
    16 February 2020

    Kiaora, thanks for re-visiting your Quitline blog whanau it's great to see gratitude for a simple but powerful tool. Condolences for your loss and well-done being smokefree for over two years.. what an awesome role model you are to those around you 😊