Until last week I regarded vaping as a tool to help smokers quit.

Then I met a young person (say mid-late 20's) who was vaping. Assuming he was on a quit journey I asked how long had he been smoking and was the vaping helping with his quit.
To my astonishment he told me he had never smoked tobacco.
He was vaping because he'd suffered a lot of stress lately and it was trendy to vape these days.
I am now wondering if we are simply replacing one harmful habit with another.
I appreciate the way it has helped so many smokers to become SMOKEFREE, but to Vape because it's Trendy?

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    Nana22 said:
    01 September 2019

    This has always been my concern about vaping Clarence.
    I have absolutely no problem with it being used as a quit tool, but so many who have never smoked are taking it up.

    Maybe these are the people who would have been smoking if it wasn't so expensive, and they see it as a completely safe alternative.
    Also it seems many are using THC in the vape. I really hope they aren't using nicotine if they've never smoked .
    A bit sad really.

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    Blondene said:
    01 September 2019

    Stupidity could be a reason...lol...I believe if you are smoking...you are not free...and if you are vaping...you are not free either...be happy you are free Clarence...many are still stuck in the nicotine trap!

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    JohnnyRED said:
    01 September 2019

    That's why I started smoking cannabis it's a thriving industry and I have to drive all around but sometimes they pop up around the corner and I guess that means that smoking anything is Taboo. I've just found my vape then what?

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    nanaturtle said:
    01 September 2019

    This is an epidemic, so sad😢
    By beautiful, 17year old Grandson, whom was a catalyst for my Quit & promised his Nana, is now sucking on the end of one of these. Purely for kicks to start, now panicking because he doesn't have any juice, nor money to buy some.
    Sound familiar?
    He claims he's not smoking...dumb dumb.
    No point in saying anything,
    He's hooked-already 😢😢