My fourth smoke-free weekend is ending. Each week that goes by is easier.

I'm still very low energy & have no idea if it's he Champix, the giving up, or this silly 'flu thing. Wifi Wifie has the 'flu thing that I had at the start of the week and has spent most of the weekend asleep, so I'm happy to blame that for now.

I'm now on my longest smoke-free since I first started & I really believe that this time I can win. I'm hoping that the exhaustion and the Champix aren't related. I have no idea if I still need the stuff, but I don't want to risk finding out.

I have a social event Monday evening. Luckily it's a smoke free event but it will be my first alcohol since early July. I'm not expecting any negatives but it will be interesting to observe how I react.

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    Genzo said:
    28 September 2014

    great job, you are doing an amazing journey! good luck for monday!

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    fagoff said:
    29 September 2014

    You going good bruce, don't worry about energy levels etc they have to get better in time.are you doing any kind of exercise,even a little is better than none.Stay on the champix till you finish the prescription three months .give you self the best chance of staying free of nicodemon.thats what champix does it stops the cravings,so its easy to think you don't need it anymore.I did it in 2010 and stopped twice, after champix wore off I automatically picked up again.After three months you will be that much stronger to be able to stay stopped when you finish champix.

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    clarence the cat said:
    29 September 2014

    It truly does get easier with every SMOKEFREE day. Keep up the good work!!