Jan 25 2019

Easy way to quit


I’m just here to help everyone who’s trying to quit and finding it difficult.
I spent years hopelessly trying, cutting down, patches lozenges etc to no avail. Until 2 months ago I read Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking. I was recommended it by a NZ doctor and it has changed my life!!! If you’re sceptical, just try it! I didn’t believe a book can help but it has and it was SO EASY!
If you can’t afford to buy just go to your library. Most have it, I wish I could let every smoker know how easy it becomes to become free!!
Not one craving ever since! You can do it people!

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Jan 5 2019

Stats Update 2590 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 2,590
Total savings: $19,795

So, it's been awhile since I have checked in here.

I just wanted to report that I finally managed to loose the 10kgs I put on in the first year I quit cold turkey.
It got to the point where it was difficult to put on socks.
Suffered from gastric reflux and was on medication for that.
Then the doctor told me my cholesterol was getting too high and was at a 15% increased risk of heart disease.
At that point I thought to myself, here I am giving up smoking because of the health risks and now I have increased my health risk because I replaced smoking with eating.

So to make a long story short, I changed my diet by cutting out all of the junk foods I so enjoyed, reduced my portion sizes, put in more exercise and managed to take off that 10kgs in 6 months at which point the doctor ordered another blood test which came back normal.
I didn't stop there and continued to get my weight down to the low side of my healthy weight range. Within that year I lost 18kgs and was able to get off the gastric reflux meds permanently.

Life is good, free of the smokes and unhealthy lifestyle in general.

Wishing every success to everyone who is on this journey to a healthy life.

PS sure wish I could have actually saved every penny that wasn't spent being a non smoker. :^)

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Jan 2 2019



Gaining wieght

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Dec 17 2018

Day 1616


Smokefree days: 1,616

Good number , i like it.

Today is my father's birthday. He is a very heavy smoker , i am worried about him but i'm not able to talk him out to quit. I feel that if he is not willing to quit there is nothing i could do . I wanted him to quit but at same time i don't want to force him ( i can't anyway lol) as it is his choice . Anyway , wish him have a very happy birthday.

Another thing , my weight ! My weight issue has been an on-going problem since I have quite 4 years ago. I managed to bring it down to where i was before I quit but its going up again. I can't blame "quit smoking " for my weight gain anymore , not fair . I have to start looking at my eating hobby much more closer . and I plan to rejoin the gym and sign some PT sections.

Hope everyone who is reading this have a great Christmas & New year break.

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Dec 2 2018

1,601 Days


Smokefree days: 1,601

YES, I am showing off .

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Nov 29 2018

Slipped up


20th of febury I started my quit smoking journey, It has been rough to say the least, especially in the early stages.
8 months or so down the track I completely fucked up with weakness and lite a cigarette after having a fight with my patner. That was last Thursday evening. As I site in my porch smoking a cigarette I realise its Thursday and that one cigarette has now turned into a week of smoking. So as the week ends and monday rises I will start my quit journey again. Give me the strength to over come my addiction.

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Nov 21 2018



Smokefree days: 2,937 ( 8yrs )
Total savings: $61,760
This is based on 80gm p/wk and $92 p/50gm
YOU will be saving around the same if you Quit Today.💥
More incentive to stay Quit. 😎 ✔

Just a reminder to help with the quitting..
When we lose focus we’re forgetting our goals, were forgetting What we’re doing and our reasons Why we’re doing this, and that’s why when it's hard we’ll accept almost any reasonable suggestion that our minds give us,.. such as 🚬 smoking.
You’ve done the smoking habit for years now so it’s hardly surprising that there’s no obstruction or blockage to smoking unless you remain in Focus.
If you go off track your mind will wander and will accept many different suggestions as we forget what our Focus is, If we struggle to remember what we had for dinner 4 days ago it’s not surprising we easily forget our goals, if it’s only a mental picture that we obtained at the start of our Quit then we’re going to need to reinforce that to succeed at this Very Tough but highly rewarding Quest.

Remember the saying ‘out of sight, Out of mind’ well its true, but the good news is.. it also works the opposite way around too.
‘In my sight, In my mind’ which is why tangible items such as printed documents work really well, ie: fridge magnets, stickers or certs, postings, reminders on your fridge or bedroom wall are powerful tools.. ‘In my sight, In my mind’
Focus is a Strong, Quick and Definitive Remembrance of our goals which remind us in the hard times What & Why we’re doing this and what the rewards are in order to help keep us on track and acts as an obstruction or blockage to any wrong doing such as smoking.
Success is a matter of viewpoint, so.. what do you see today.!! 🏅
We can change the world by the way we see it with our knowledge, we can also change ourselves in the same way, stay Focused folks.

You already know this info but I just want to help you increase your chances of success.
Cheers Everyone. 👍 🍺 🍺

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Oct 16 2018

First day, my journey to a healthy lifestyle


I've just finished my last smoke, I usually smoke up to 10 rollies a day and I need to stop ! I can do this, my mind is set for a better life style. I am proud of myself to getting the help I need . I can do this, I can do this, I AM DOING THIS !

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Sep 15 2018

Day 45 and 46


Yesterday was such a rush for me I didn’t get a chance to post but it went well the drive was so amazing through the desert road, today is a beautiful and wonderful day woke up feeling amazing and that I can do anything 46 days and still going.

Since I have stoped smoking and outing my health first with also starting Isagenix and getting more exercise I have lost 8 kg so proud

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Aug 30 2018

Stats Update 1500 Days


Smokefree Days: 1500
Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 30,000
Total Savings: $27,900
At todays prices: $41,850 EEEK!!

Being smokefree never gets old for me. I appreciate and value it every single day.
I have to be honest and say there have been a few times over this last couple of years when i did want to have a smoke.......but it was just a want - not a need - and i remembered just what it took to become free of this horrible addiction......and that was that. Addiction firmly still in a locked box. Mostly smoking is just not on my radar anymore. I am aware this is a lifelong commitment, and i'm very happy to always be an addict choosing not to use.
And i am absolutely certain that if a silly old tart like me can do it........anyone can.

Stay strong in your fight to break free newbies. You CAN do it!
Have a great day everyone.

We are all strong and fabulous,
Stay quitsafe.
Love & hugs to all

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