Jan 3 2020

Start date


Haven't decided on a start date but is near. Mentally preparing myself.

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Jan 2 2020



So I am quitting smoking not because of the raise in smokes but because I want my money for my baby and I where it can be spent on better things. But I ordered a quiet card back in October but I haven't received it.

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Dec 19 2019

1983 days


Smokefree days: 1,983

Coming back from my visit to China . All my friends were well. More of them have quit smoke . 5 years ago , it was about 2 in 10 who don’t smoke , now it's like only 2 in 10 smokes .

i totally understand it . They are in same life stage as me : Mid-30s ,starting a family , having kids, become the back-bone of the whole family. The huge pressure now is on them, they need to have a good health to deal with the work pressure such as to work long hours; they need to work hard in order to financially support the family (buying larger apartment/s , supporting kids’ education) . To maintain a good health is no longer an optional personal will but a must for the family . Smoke will be the last thing they want to do and the first thing to get rid off.

I am so happy for them .

It was a busy and short visit but it was a nice one. Looking forward to seeing them again next time.

My quit day 1983, a magic number.

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Oct 2 2019



Its been 1 month free from smoking, free from the bondage smoking had over me, planning my next ciggi, where I would sit, would I drink coffee or tea, should I have my ciggi before my meal or after, or perhaps both. Should I have one as Im driving up the road to my destination, 5-10 mins away, and one when I get there, and another on the way back. I have that phone call to make so another coffee, my favorite seat and ciggi made that conversation even better. So much planning went in to my next cigarette.

Not only the planning, but my cigarettes were my best friend ever, they were with me on my happiest days, saddest days, angry moments, stressful moments, bored moments, my friend comforted me in some of my biggest life moments, I knew there would come a day where I had to say goodbye to who I thought was my friend, that was a month ago now, and I'm glad.

At first I missed my friend, it felt as if there was a little bit of grief and loss, that was ok, I knew I could work through that, after all, my friend was not all that good for me. With my friend came frequent headaches, coughing spasms, panic if my friend was not close by, plus my friend was expensive, I would get sick in winter, and more often than not, we were isolated because no one wanted to be around us, we would have to sneak around in social gatherings to catch up, we smelt and at times were frowned upon. My friend took my money, made me sick, and at times isolated me, "SOME FRIEND" but we stuck together no mater what.

1 month ago I made the decision that I needed better friends in my life, ones that cared about me, I read good books, I walk without losing my breath, I eat healthier foods, I treat myself to something nice, I feel empowered mentally, my skin is grateful, I feel happier, and I don't smell yucky.

I still miss my old friend at times, but never want to be involved again. This is just an analogy of my thoughts on smoking, I hope you are all doing well in Blog land, thankyou for sharing your positives, thoughts, tips etc that have encouraged me and continue to encourage me on my journey. Ill be forever grateful.

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Aug 25 2019

69 days smokefree


Hey again guys, just wanted to share my excitement from last week of being over 2 months off the smokes! For those just starting out, I want to say that it absolutely gets easier. In the first couple of weeks I was a right cow to everyone, constantly wanting smokes, and begrudging seeing a group smoking on my breaks at work. I can now say that I’m confident that I’ll be off them for good. I even managed to be in a car with someone smoking and didn’t want one. I’m really glad I made the choice to quit 😊

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Jul 25 2019

Day 1 of many Day 1


This is my day 1 of quit smoking.

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Jul 24 2019

Stats Update 2750 days smokefree


Smokefree days: 2,750
Total savings: $38,412

I like these numbers today, nice & round...bit like something at the back! Lol! Nice to see some newbies being wholey supported 👍👍
7.7 post dinner...can You see the Smile 😄
Shiny white teeth happy pink tongue =
Healthy! Still using some delay tactics... I believe that will always be necessary

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Jun 18 2019

Mr Now


I have tried posting this on your blog many times without success, so i hope this goes through.

Mr Now has every right to feel pretty damn good - and pretty damn proud too.
Congratulations on 2 whole weeks smokefree, and on managing the challenges the weekend presented you with. That's how it's done!

The longer you are smokefree and deal with those challenges, the stronger you become until eventually it just becomes your 'new normal'.

Take a bow Mr Now (hey i'm a poet lol) you are doing a fabulous job.
Keep fighting the good fight.

PS you don't have to be secure in your quit own before supporting others. An encouraging word can make a huge difference to someone else, and i firmly believe we ALL have something to offer.
I found it also helped to reinforce my own quit.

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May 8 2019

The comments of blogs need to be shown


I know it is just one click away to see the comments of a blog but it makes a huge difference for people whether to comment or can't be bothered.

Human nature.

Change it , you will see the difference , Quitline .

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Mar 12 2019

1701 days smokefree


Joint the gym again as running doesn’t help my weight loss anymore. I need to try something different . Just done my first bodypump class today, Feeling great.

ODAAT People !

Day 1,701 marked

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