It's like I'm constantly exhausted. It's a feeling like I've just woken up for the day. The struggle to focus on anything. The feeling that time is on a go slow.

Anyone experience this when quitting?

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    PSPSP said:
    13 June 2019


    The good news? It goes away. You are doing great Again. Keep pushing through and keep blogging.

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    nanaturtle said:
    13 June 2019

    It's quite normal. Your body & brain, have been used to getting this 'hit', now, it's scrambled!
    PSPSP is right, it will eventually correct itself. You're doing Great, Again 👍
    Keep at it
    Stay Strong 🙂

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    Nana22 said:
    13 June 2019

    As the others have said this is all part of the process. Both the brain and the body feel so out of whack in the early days. They are in shock that you would have the gall to cut off the nicotine supply, but this is exactly what you need to keep doing.
    Stay well hydrated and maybe try getting out for a walk in the fresh air. Or at the opposite end of the scale......sleep if you're able to.
    As with most things.......this will pass.

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    Again said:
    13 June 2019

    Thanks guys! Glad it isn't just me going crazy.
    I think yesterday where it was worse was due to not going outside at all, today i've gone out for a quick break at work in between rain to get some fresh air.

    I'm staying extremely hydrated... I don't think I've ever had to pee so frequently thanks to the amount of water I'm drinking right now!

    Still going strong I'm feeling very positive this time around - even though I feel dazed half the time!