Smokefree days: 14
Total savings: $304 Im feeling way happier now as cravings have almost dissapeared,and only day 15.Im quite surprised with myself sleeping is difficult for me at present but guess that w.ill pass.not using the gum very muchWhat a great spring day here in marlborough life is good.

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    Nana22 said:
    14 September 2018

    Oh congrats on 2 weeks smokefree trish. You will be starting to notice a few benefits now. For me at 2 weeks i was so proud that the nicotine stains on my fingers had gone. Your hair smells lovely too!
    A lot of us have sleep problems for a while but it will definitely pass. Just takes time.
    Keep up the great work.

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    Jen said:
    16 September 2018

    That's fantastic and congratulations on making it this far. Those first weeks are the hardest and you've accumulated 15 days of good innings already !! Is your sense of smell enhanced too ? I think the sleep took about 3 weeks for me to settle again, but I guess it all depends on amounts smoked etc. Keep it up and you'll have enough money for a holiday by summer : )